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Farming 101: Precision & Smart Farming – Part 1: Lessons from Netherlands (Videos)

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There is a lot of buzz on social media on the modern self-sustaining farming, shortage of food namely chicken in the market and food security for the future. A large part of the world especially from this side of the globe is still using the old farming methodologies which among others, are very labour intensive, expensive and resource hungry. Photo by Debendra Das from Pexels

The latest news to hit the headlines is the shortage of chicken which prompted a ban of the export of chickens:-

Malaysia will halt exports of 3.6 million chickens a month from June 1 and scrap the approved permit requirement for importing wheat until production and prices stabilize, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

The government set a ceiling price of 8.9 ringgit ($2) per chicken and said it would recognize more slaughterhouses abroad in a bid to boost local supplies and curtail rising prices, according to a statement on Monday.

The Malaysia Competition Commission is investigating reports that there are cartels that control the price and output of chicken among large companies, Ismail said, promising stern action against those found sabotaging supply.

Malaysia joins other governments in taking steps to secure their own supplies with food costs surging to records as the Ukraine war chokes crop supplies, piling inflationary pain on consumers.

Food prices in the Southeast Asian nation jumped 4% year-on-year in March, the most since December 2017, as the costs of chicken and vegetables spiked more than 10%.

(Source: Bloomberg)

There should be a serious drive for a larger modern system in the country in the same design that the country of Netherlands has deployed in making it the second-largest agriculture exporter in the world after the US. There are 3 interesting quick videos on their methodology for smart modern farming.

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Video Note: This pioneering Dutch farm has found clever ways to generate higher yields using less space and fewer inputs. They’re growing food that’s more sustainable and economical too. Despite being a small, densely populated country, the Netherlands is one of the world’s biggest vegetable exporters.

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Video Note: The international campaign Farming The Future showcases the knowledge and expertise of the Dutch Agrifood and Horticultural sectors in promoting a sustainable food system and creating social and economic opportunities worldwide. The campaign’s objectives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Video Note: Thanks to the work of the University of Wageningen, the Dutch economy is one of the largest exporters of food globally. It is the leader in the European Union and it is second to the USA in the world. Not only this, but the economy of the Netherlands is proof that economic growth and environmentalism can come hand in hand. Thanks to the innovation, producing a kilo of tomatoes in the Netherlands uses significantly less water than it does in the USA.

To be continued…

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