Malaysia 101: Stop Thinking Like Self Centred Politician

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When Trump won the elections to be the 45th US President in 2017, his mantra that won over many was “To Make America Great Again” and as a businessman and not as a politician, many thought that it can be done. In the end, he turned out to be just another self-centred politician. … [Click to read the rest] “Malaysia 101: Stop Thinking Like Self Centred Politician”

Global Economics 101: Venezuela – Lessons Learned, Spoon Feeding Failure

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Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and yet the country is in a major crisis, not only from the aspect of the economy but also socio-political. It has now become one of the biggest economy refugees with almost 4.5 million of its population leaving the country due to economic hardships.… [Click to read the rest] “Global Economics 101: Venezuela – Lessons Learned, Spoon Feeding Failure”

Man U & Islam

(The famous Red Devils’ logo – Image source:

First it was the cookies, and then it was on yoga and now the football shirts? It looks like we have highly paid (with our money) civil servants with too much free time at their disposal.

I am not a Muslim and do not wish to indulge with any guidelines that may be issued by the authorities for the Muslims in Malaysia but then again, certain guidelines given does put Malaysia and Malaysians as whole in a strange, strange situation in the eyes of the international community.… [Click to read the rest] “Man U & Islam”

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