There is an on-going “tussle” between the resident association committee members and some of the residents at my housing area.

(Some committees are better than others – Image of USO Committee Members in the 1940s. Source: http://www.memorial.ecasd.k12.wi.us)

When I moved to my new house, the developer provided security guards – standard practice in many new housing areas.… [Click to read the rest] “RA”

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A Mystery

Unsuspecting, I got my son into the car yesterday morning, unlocked the main gates and drove out to send my son to school.

When I came back, somehow I decided not to park the car in the driveway but instead I parked just outside the house. As I walked back, I noticed something on the driveway.… [Click to read the rest] “A Mystery”

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New TV

(Image source: http://www.theinquirer.net)

What a weekend!

With some cash to spare, we managed to buy a brand new 32 inch LCD TV, a 2.8 litre rice cooker and a 5 litre hot water kettle, all within the “TV” budget. We also ran through a red light, only to be stopped by the police for a “friendly” chat.… [Click to read the rest] “New TV”

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Perfect Home

(My idea of a cosy interior. Image source: http://www.interior-design-it-yourself.com)

Picture this:-

You had a bad day at the office and just ended a long argument with one of the clients. There is tons of paperwork still on the desk. You slog back home through heavy traffic jam. Selfish road users who jump queue and road hog did not help much to reduce the stress.

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Prelude to showcase

Another New Year resolution met

My two identical showcases arrived yesterday – pictures and the story coming up soon once I have run through my collectables from my travels for display.

In the meantime, my wife is having a tough time keeping my son from touching the glass panels and leaving heavy trail of dirty fingerprints.… [Click to read the rest] “Prelude to showcase”

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The Garden Evolution

The last time I touched on the issue of gardening was when I was in Form 3 and Agriculture Science was one of the main subject in my class.

I recall the time when we formed a line from our classroom and walked towards the end of the school football field when we do our “gardening” – planting flowers and vegetables.[Click to read the rest] “The Garden Evolution”

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Moving New House 2006: In God, We Trust Part 4


Even my son helped out in the house shifting by packing and arranging his toys – seen here the next day exhausted and resting at the entrance.

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One step closer to shifting

Just to inform you that this is not the light that I bought for my house (Picture source: www.randythomas.org)

It seems like buying a house is a lot easier than decorating and renovating the house.

I keep saying that there is not much time left and there’s plenty of things to do but when I look back at what we have done todate, things are not as bad as we thought it was.[Click to read the rest] “One step closer to shifting”

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(Picture source: www.brandonblog.com)

After juggling the dates, I have decided that 7th October 2006 to be the D-Day for the final shifting. Still, there are plenty of things to do before that – lights, furniture, bathroom fittings, etc.

16 days more to go and counting…Sigh.

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Moving New House 2006: In God, We Trust Part 3


Just before the prayers for the house started, all I could do was to walkabout, sat down, walked, checked the full moon outside, sat down, walked and then looked at the watch.

Damn, still “early” for the early morning prayers – read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I was restless, sleepy, anxious and excited in one go.

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