RIP Irrfan Khan: 1967 – 2020

Irrfan Khan

This is one of best Irrfan Khan’s quotable quotes – we don’t have a culture of realistic acting in India. Our films still are influenced by Parsi theater. Parsi theater was known for melodrama. It’s all about emotions. Image source: Variety / Quote source: NPR

How right he was when it comes to Indian cinema!…

Tamil Movie Review: 3 Idiots 2009 vs Nanban 2012

It suppose to be a quick post on Shankar’s Nanban but I ended up writing more especially after yesterday I watched again the well made 3 Idiots


(The guy on the far right – your right – seems better than the rest. Trust me, you will be safer watching the original 3 Idiots than the “new” idiots in Nanban – they are nowhere close to the beauty of story-telling and acting in 3 Idiots.

Sports 101: A Funny Game Called Cricket

Lagaan Cricket Amir Khan

(Everything I need to know about cricket, I learned it from the movie “Lagaan” – a combination of great masala story, a fight by the underdogs, crude cricket manual, the usual Aamir Khan perfection & lovely AR Rahman music. Image source: The European Film Awards)

I am a Malaysian Indian and yet cricket and I is like oil & water.…

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