Economy 101: Wastage of Taxpayers Money, The Denials

taxpayers matrix no spoon

(Still, remember the “no spoon” scene in The Matrix? Do you understand the meaning of the scene? I had always thought of it as something not real and yet you see it with your own eyes. Same goes for wastage of taxpayers money. Image source: Matrix Fans)

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30 Cents Fuel Price Increase: Time to Boycott Some Restaurants

restaurant price increase

When the announcement on the fuel price was made, the Indian Restaurant near my work place lost not time increasing the food prices.

It cost us more now for breakfast and lunch at this restaurant now  – teh tarik went up from RM1.00 to RM1.20, burger up by another 20 cents and roti canai up by another 10 cents.… [Click to read the rest] “30 Cents Fuel Price Increase: Time to Boycott Some Restaurants”

What’s with the 30 cents increase?

30 cents

(Are we driving the right car to be concerned with 30 cents increase in fuel price? Cartoon source: and copyright by John Fewings)

I heard about the so called “covert” increase in fuel price when I was still in Bangkok. It hit me hard when I returned to Malaysia and found the plain mee goreng at my favorite mamak joint has gone up by 20 cents at the stroke of midnight!… [Click to read the rest] “What’s with the 30 cents increase?”

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