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Personal Trip 101: Ipoh Family Day – Day 3 Tired Return Home

Ipoh Wall Lighthouse Decoration

It was our third day in Ipoh and we wished we could stay for another day especially since we had come to love our accommodations & the food options in Ipoh. However, we decided to stick to our plan so that we will have one extra day for rest at home before we start the hectic week with work & school. Further, best if we leave whilst the traffic is still light on the highway.  

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Swimming pool Ipoh

Chill Time At Swimming Pool

The hotel’s rooftop swimming pool is a luxurious feature, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim with a view. Its depth and length are designed to cater to avid swimmers looking for a rigorous workout, as well as those seeking a leisurely dip. Surrounding the pool, an ample number of shaded poolside chairs provide a comfortable retreat for parents. They can relax and unwind while keeping an eye on their children splashing in the water, though it’s important to note that supervision is crucial since the pool does not have a lifeguard on duty.

Adjacent to the pool area, the hotel boasts a state-of-the-art gym, complete with a range of equipment to suit all fitness levels. Accessible with the convenience of a hotel room card, it offers an easy option for guests to maintain their exercise routine. However, it’s essential to come prepared with appropriate attire to take advantage of this facility, as it is a space dedicated to health and wellness.

This was on Day 2 after we had shopped for Indian traditional snacks at the Kampung Kacang Puteh. Taking advantage of the leisurely gap before dinner, the children embraced the opportunity for some aquatic fun in the hotel’s pool, a delightful respite that promised both exercise and entertainment.

Concurrently, we utilized the complimentary amenities offered by the hotel, particularly the washing machines. This practical decision not only lightened our load for the return journey but also allowed us to enjoy the remainder of our trip with one less chore on the list, ensuring that our vacation ended on a high and hassle-free note.

The rooftop was deserted when we arrived, granting the children an exclusive aquatic playground. The climate was perfect for a dip—warm yet not scorching, with ample shaded areas providing refuge from the sun’s more intense moments. The kids reveled in the freedom, their laughter echoing across the open space as they splashed and played. However, the tranquility was short-lived.

Soon, other guests began to trickle in, drawn by the allure of the cool, inviting water. As the area became increasingly populated, the once serene atmosphere shifted, prompting us to wrap up our aquatic adventure. Evening approached, the family returned to the familiar ambiance of the hotel’s restaurant. The day’s end brought a peaceful solitude, a stark contrast to the day’s lively beginnings.

Chicken Ipoh Breakfast Ayam Masak Merah Spicy Food

Another Great Breakfast

On our final morning in Ipoh, the hotel’s breakfast spread pleasantly surprised us. Contrary to our expectations, shaped by routine experiences at other hotels, the menu offered a refreshing variety. It was a delightful departure from the usual, providing a memorable end to our stay with an array of local Ipohnand international dishes that tantalized our taste buds and left us savoring the last moments of our journey in this charming Ipoh.

The restaurant presented a delightful surprise with its varied menu, offering a refreshing change from the usual nasi lemak. The fried rice, which hinted at the tangy zest of tomatoes, paired perfectly with the noodles, creating a satisfying blend of flavors.

The standout, however, was the ayam masak merah; its rich, savory gravy elevated the rice dish to new heights of culinary delight. Complementing the main courses were the familiar comforts of a morning spread: an assortment of pastries, fresh fruits, and a selection of beverages including aromatic coffee, a variety of teas, and refreshing juices.

There was not much crowd compared to the day earlier and I guess it is because it is the weekend and many are still asleep in their rooms.

Dim Sum Canning Food Ipoh

Lessons Learned

After a satisfying breakfast that exceeded our expectations, we returned to our room, filled with a sense of contentment and readiness for the day ahead. The children, seemingly unaffected by the early morning activity, quickly succumbed to slumber’s gentle call.

Meanwhile, we moved methodically, tucking away memories in Ipoh alongside our belongings, each fold and placing a step closer to embarking on the next leg of our journey. The quiet hum of anticipation mingled with the soft breaths of the resting kids, creating a moment of peaceful preparation.

The satisfaction from the morning’s generous breakfast carried us through the day, negating the need for a substantial lunch. Leaving Ipoh, at the highway rest stop, we chose to nibble on light refreshments, perfectly hitting the spot without weighing us down. On the road, the flow of vehicles was surprisingly smooth for a weekend, with only sporadic slowdowns interrupting our journey. This allowed us to continue our travels with ease, enjoying the day without the stress of navigating through congested roads.

The journey back home from Ipoh was completed post 3 pm, with the fatigue from traveling outweighing our hunger. The trip to Ipoh stands out as a remarkable experience, distinguished by its meticulous planning and seamless execution. The Ipoh trip has set a high standard, providing a well-crafted template that we intend to use for organizing future family excursions. This successful template promises to enhance the enjoyment and smoothness of our upcoming adventures.

The End…

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