Malaysia 101: Stop Thinking Like Self Centred Politician

Quote nationalism politician

When Trump won the elections to be the 45th US President in 2017, his mantra that won over many was “To Make America Great Again” and as a businessman and not as a politician, many thought that it can be done. In the end, he turned out to be just another self-centred politician.  Image source: AZ Quotes 

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 22 December 2020

snippet highland tower landslide

News snippet – Highland Tower condominium tragedy happened 27 years ago on 11th December 1993 and it was one of the worst tragedies in the country. 48 people died from the said tragedy – a tragedy that should not have happened. Image source: The Star

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TV Shows 101: The Young Pope’s Powerful, Inspiring African Speech

the young pope TV series

One of the best things that happened whilst I was in Cambodia is that I caught The New Pope (which also lead me to watch The Young Pope which had me worshipping Jude Law) which I think is one of the best TV series that I have seen. It simply blew me away. Paolo Sorrentino is truly a genius when crafting his image of the Pope and the dirty politics behind the Vatican. Image source: Film Affinity

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New Malaysia 2020: League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds & Palestinian


Palestinian problem is not small or easy to resolve and it will continue to be unresolved unless all parties recognise rights of Israel. The same goes to Israel and its allies namely the USA – they need to recognise the rights of the Palestinian people. Infographic Source:

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Malaysia 101: National Anthem – No Malaysian Should Ever Disrespect It

“If you forget the words to your own song, you can always claim artistic license. Forget the words to the national anthem and you’re screwed.” ~ Lyle Lovett

Looking at this video when it came out a couple of days ago, I thought that these are not Malaysians. From the looks of them, I thought they are probably from China attending some function in the country and by sheer ignorance; do not know the national anthem of the country. It is understandable if they choose not to stand up and respect the national anthem.

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BMF: Boycott This Instead!

Read These First:-


(A notice is posted at a retail outlet in Seoul on July 12, 2019, stating that it is neither selling nor buying Japanese products. A boycott campaign of Japanese goods is spreading in response to Japan’s recent curbs on exports of key chemicals to South Korean semiconductor and display manufacturers. Image Source: Yonhap News Agency)

In recent days, this has been a hot topic on the news – there has been a campaign for Muslims to boycott products made by non Muslims (it has mellowed down to Buy Muslim Products First).

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Governance 101: Rukunegara, Things That We Have Forgotten


How do you guys been doing lately? Do you still remember Rukunegara?

The last post I did was way back in early July and I considered that is a very long gap when it comes to blogging. My sincere apologies for missing from the blogosphere. It is not that I had stopped blogging but rather I have been busy – very, very busy indeed on something else.

For last 3 months and hopefully continuing into the coming months, I have spending my weekends rather religiously on activities that makes me achieve my daily target of 10,000 steps on my pedometer, cause me to sweat like hell and drink more than 8 cups of water (well it is more than 4 litres per day). Image source: Android Authority

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Democracy 101: A Good Parliamentary Debate


(The parliament is certainly not THE place for any funny business. The House of Commons in session and in a good mood for a debate over David Cameron’s motion on Syria. Although not all the MPs had the opportunity to speak their mind on the motion, whoever did managed, left a positive impression on the viewers. Image source: the Net)

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Indelible Ink: Most Expensive Food Colouring?

Read these first:-

Indelible Ink

(In the end, it was nothing but just a food colouring? Didn’t we paid RM7.1 million for it? Cartoonist Zunar – Malaysiakini say it all)

Here’s one to digest for your lovely weekend.

It is an interesting article in Malaysiakini (reproduced at Anwar Ibrahim Blog) on the issue of indelible ink used in the last general election. Considering that there has been a greater call for the EC chief to step down and too many complaints against the quality of the indelible ink in the last elections makes this a good reading.

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Elections 101: Preparing for BERSIH 4.0

FRU bersih

(Out of the many images of BERSIH 3.0 that I have seen, this has to be one of the most moving one – a Malaysian lying down in front of the police water cannon truck to stop them. It reminded me of the lone protestor who stood in front of the tanks during the Tiananmen Square. Image source: Lim SK @ Flickr)

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