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Gaming 101: Playing Tactical Realistic Military Game War Scenarios

Gran Turismo 7 Game Realism Military

Military shooter games these days is fast becoming so realistic and tactical, you can no longer simply switch on and shoot blindly. The war scenarios can be as real as an actual war scenario.

In the same manner, Polyphony Digital will soon be launching PlayStation all-time favourite and the next iteration in the Gran Turismo series, the Gran Turismo 7. The realism of the cars in this latest series is a galaxy away from my PlayStation game, Gran Turismo 2. Image source: Gran Tourismo.

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Nuisance 101: Damn, I Hate Cats! They Are So Evil!

WARNING: Cat lovers, walk away right now…you may not like this post. You have been warned!


(Cats are evil indeed – something in their eyes when they stare at you when you trying to chase it away from your home. Image source:

One of the joys of moving a new house many years ago was the chance to do up a garden.

It was a joy because we used to stay in apartments which do not enough space for a garden (I mean a proper garden where we can dig in and plant things). So when I had the chance to buy a house of my own, I had great ideas on what I wanted to do with my garden, starting with beautiful carpet grass.

And when my dad retired and looking for a hobby to spend his time at home, he took up gardening. And he was good at it too – a mango tree at the front, several types of flowering plants and he would spend hours running through the carpet grass to look for weeds. At one point, carpet grass was clean and trimmed and was wonderful to walk on.

And then evil descended at my neighbourhood…

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