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Attitude 101: The Right Timing & Time Management

You realised something? Emergencies normally happen whenever you are rushing for something. Never on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or after work.For example today, my dad wanted me to send to the hospital as he has an appointment at 8.00 am.

A quick calculation in my mind indicates that:-

1. I am going to be stuck in traffic jam (morning rush hour)
2. Which means I need to wake early if I want to avoid it
3. Which means I may end up sending my dad too early to the hospital
4. Which is difficult b’cos this means he has to sit there for 2 hours b4 his appointment
5. Which means I have no choice but to wake a bit late
6. Which means I am going to get stuck in traffic definitely
7. Which means I may be late for work

Damn how I hate to drive during the rush hours. However, I had no choice but to send him to the hospital. Even though the traffic jam was bad, I still managed to reach office early after using the available shortcuts (alternative roads)

Timing…you will never know when it can turn bad…

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