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If only everyone was like this…

(This is a good example of what a self-centered, lazy and selfish people like to do – asking more hand-outs when they still have an able body and a job to prove their worth)

A truly inspiring story of a blind fisherman and his wife in The Star today

It is a story of Jamal Jamil who is blind and his wife Noraidah Kamaruddin who goes out to sea bringing their youngest kid. In 1990, he became completely blind but thankfully, his wife was determined to stick to him despite of the handicap.

“If she can show such determination, I must do the same. While we are not rich, we can manage,” said the father of five. “Life is tough, but we manage. What is there to complain? I am sure there are other families who are worse off,” she said. “His blindness has not made him useless,” she added.It has every positive ingredient in the story…love, determination, hard-work and most importantly, able to stand on one’s own 2 feet.The Pusat Zakat Selangor, the state’s tithes management body, has helped the couple repair their house and provided them with a motorboat as well as taken care of the children’s school fees. “They are grateful for our help but they are determined. They seldom ask for handouts,” said the center’s senior communications officer, Akhtar Sahari”

If a blind man with 5 kids is able to provide for his family with minimum hand-outs from the Government, just think of the wonders of an able person (and from middle-class) can do with the same effort and determination. If you think about it, it is not impossible to do.

Firstly, you must have the right mentality – if you are lazy and just opt for “easy” hand-outs, you can still enjoy life but it won’t last long. People who are more determined and hard-working will one day be better than you in life and career.

Secondly, just go and do it! Malaysian is famous for NATO (No Action Talk Only) and we can’t help it because the Government themselves is full of NATO attributes. I know some who talk a lot in disguise of planning and getting ready the strategies but never get things done. I agree that in some instance, you need time to “measure twice, cut once” but not all the time. When it comes to work or studies, the one who do something often gets immediate returns compare to the one who only talk about doing it.

Thirdly, always be humble enough to learn from others. It is the only way to share other people’s experience and mistakes and use it to avoid the same mistake & have better approach to a problem. When one is humble enough to learn from others, the person should be humble enough to teach others.

Thank you En Jamal Jamil and Pn Noraidah Kamaruddin for showing the way through. You are indeed one great couple.


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