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Local Authority: Nothing is perfect but sometimes…

(I had to read it twice to believe it – an actual acknowledgement from local authority?)

In a time where the local authorities are being called various names like secret society, unfair and high-handed, I thought my complaint on the blocked drainage near my residential area to MPSJ would fall into deaf ears or be acted on after a long delay.

So, I thought of calling MPSJ, tell them about my problem and then blog about my experience with them. So, there I was at their website looking for the contact details when I noted something called “IResponz”. Apparently it has been there for sometime now but I must have missed it.

Then I thought of putting through my complaint online and then blog on ineffective the online complaint was. So I quickly clicked on the complaint page, clicked on drop down list of pre-defined category complaints, stated the area and a detailed description of my complaint and clicked “Simpan” to save the complaint. It was easy – it only took me less than 2 minutes. There was even a status page for me to keep track of the complaints made so far.

All this time, I kept thinking that although it was great to do things online, I had a strong feeling that no action will be taken based on my online complaint. I was so wrong

On the next day, I received a formal acknowledgement letter from MPSJ citing complaint reference number and details on my complaint for my records. A checking on the “IResponz” page indicate that they have checked on my complaint, provided details of their action taken and informed that the complaint is considered as closed. True enough, I checked on the area that I complained and the drainage was indeed cleaned.

The mechanism of responding to my complaint was fast and efficient, something I did not expect from our local authorities in view of the bad publicity that they have been getting. Nothing is perfect yet. My complaint on a bad road near my workplace to MPPJ on the other hand is yet to be act on despite appearing in Malay Mail Hotline twice and numerous calls to them.

It is high time that things go online and acted upon effectively & efficiently – MPSJ seems to have gotten it right at least for a simple complaint like blocked drainage. One thumbs up for MPSJ for now.

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