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This is a good business in India…

This will be my 183rd post for 2005 (last one for the year)…

Any aspiring businessman should look at this business – providing public transport service in India. For simple reason, it seems like there is not enough buses to go around (all pictures taken by my sister when she went to India for a tour)

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(Sardine packed “school bus” – schoolchildren going to school on an Auto. One more children in the Auto and I am sure it will do a wheelie)

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(There are plenty of rooms at the back and side of the bus – they designed the bus railings and bumpers for just that purpose)

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(Taking the bus on the outside is fashion here – just hope you don’t lose the footing there. If the back gets full, there is always plenty of room on the top of the bus)

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(Trucks not only can carry goods but it also can carry people, plenty of people but for fresh air, stand casually inches from the side of the door)
P.s. There is no New Year Resolution from me but I share Din’s “very realistic New Year Resolution”. See you next year.

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