Pak Lah – the Commissioner

In the NST yesterday, Pak Lah announced the formation of an independent body to monitor and receive complaints of police misconduct.

You know what, I was thinking of writing on how I can help Pak Lah to extend the “Commission” coverage to other areas. I was thinking about coming up with new potential Commissions like the Independent Satan & Black Metal Music Link Commission or the Independent Religion Conversion Headache SOP Commission or Independent JAWI’s “Fuck the Cabinet’s Directive” Snoop Squad Procedure Commission (in case he is going to form a new Commission, he can pick one from the list here).

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Down the Smoking Alley

It was late in the evening.

I was working at my desk, going through the list of month end delinquent corporate clients when I got a call from my division head. He wanted to have a short discussion with the unit heads and managers before he goes off for a last minute management meeting tomorrow morning.So,

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20 Ringgit – enough for Dating?


(Online dating is cheaper and less stressful too. Cartoon source:

For those who were listening to THR last Saturday, hosted by the witty DJ, Ram would know what I mean. Ram posed this scenario to the listeners and asked for their funny & creative replies:-

You have been very busy at work and have not gone out with your girlfriend for some time now.

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How about this for a “good” resume?

This is part of an attachment that I got in my inbox today. Probably you have seen it before. It is funny whilst at the same time unbelievable. Someone had a great sense of humour!

There was a note attachment mentioning that it is from the Financial Post (Toronto) dated 23rd February 2001.

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Other Perils of Basement Parking

When mention about the perils of basement parking, most of us would be thinking about Canny Ong who was abducted from a basement parking, raped and subsequently murdered.

Ever since the tragic incident, most of the operators of basement parking have improved the level of security (I said most). There are now frequent patrols by the security guard, CCTV that actually works and some sort of checking at the entrance.

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The “Review” of the Review of BJ Thoughts

(BJ Thoughts under “scrutiny” by the Blog Critic – giving the independant view of my blog)
I always wanted an independent review of my blog (ok, not always but recently) and a recent review by the Blog Critic was just the answer.

A rating of 6 out 10 is a good start (ok, at least it was over and above the average) and it will great to work on getting a better rating in future (did I just wrote that?

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Bomb Disposal – Malaysian style

Have a good look at the above picture (picture source: NST) – the subtitle states “Bomb disposal squad officers inspecting the explosive device”. There are other pictures on the front page of the NST today.

Now compare that with the following picture (picture source: Now, what is missing in the first picture?

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Unexpected Reporting

After couple of months of blogging, I realised that one of the essential items that a Blogger should have with him / her, all time, is a digital camera (I guess after the issue of the Squatgate, camera phone is also now acceptable) . It is because you will never know when you will be at the right place and at the right time to capture certain moments in camera.
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