Moving Around Bangkok

Day 12 in Bangkok

Ever since we arrived in Bangkok, the only ride we have been using to get around the town is taxi (metered taxi). We also walked a lot and sometimes beyond our expectation (ok, not our but my expectation). Gosh, I think I have not walked that far for a very long time.… [Click to read the rest] “Moving Around Bangkok”

Blogging in Bangkok

Day 11 in Bangkok and counting…

Blogging from somewhere far, far away can be a great thing. There are tons of story to tell…about places, people, food and whatever incidents that I encounter each day.


For me, Bangkok is not far from home but blogging has helped friends & family to keep up with things that we do and see in Bangkok.… [Click to read the rest] “Blogging in Bangkok”

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Perils of Parking in Bangkok



Day 10 in BangkokI shot the above photo from the BTS station in Mo Chit.

The cars in the photo are parked at BTS designated parking lots. So, if anyone wants to take the BTS to the city center, they will just park their car at this parking lot, walk a short distance and take the BTS.… [Click to read the rest] “Perils of Parking in Bangkok”

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The visit to flea market in Chatuchak

A visit to Bangkok is not complete without a trip to the famous flea market in Chatuchak. So, when we had the day off on last Sunday, our immediate plan was to go to Chatuchak. We took the taxi to Silom Road, made a short trip to Bangkok Bank’s Foreign Currency counter (opened 7 days a week) to exchange for some Thai Bahts and walked to the nearest BTS station at Sala Daeng.… [Click to read the rest] “The visit to flea market in Chatuchak”

Sweet Bangkok Taxi

Day 8 in BangkokYou may have heard of Hanzel & Gretel story but have you ever wondered that a house made of sweets & candies can come in other forms too?

We saw one in Bangkok. We finished work late, dropped by KFC along the busy Silom Street (Bangkok’s equivalent to New York’s Wall Street) to “tapau” our dinner and flagged down a cab for the ride back to our hotel.

[Click to read the rest] “Sweet Bangkok Taxi”

Food, Glorious Food

Day 6 in Bangkok

Before I left for the Bangkok assignment, I jokingly told my wife that I would try to lose weight. The key word here is “jokingly” because that is a mission that is really – really impossible for me to achieve and my wife knows that too.

Although having fast food for lunch has almost become a routine for us here (there is nothing to beat McDonalds and KFC for a quick & safe lunch in a rush hour), it however has not stopped us from venturing out to try other Thai food (and it is not Tom Yam only, mind you).… [Click to read the rest] “Food, Glorious Food”

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Malaysia Boleh! – Wherever you are

Day 5 in Bangkok

Working on an overseas assignment can be very tiring and challenging. There is a feeling to get the work done professionally and expediently. After all reputations are on the line – personal, company or country.

But sometimes, we see something that is Malaysian in nature in a foreign country…whether it is about seeing a Proton Wira in Africa or seeing another Malaysian speaking the Bahasa Kebangsaan in Middle-East, our spirits are up and running.

[Click to read the rest] “Malaysia Boleh! – Wherever you are”

A city full of Toyotas

Day 2 in Bangkok

One strong advice for those who want to venture out from the hotel room in Bangkok – make sure you keep the address of the hotel written in Thai. You will never know that will come in handy when talking to a taxi driver.

We learned the hard way though.

[Click to read the rest] “A city full of Toyotas”

The Departure, The Arrival


Day 1 in Bangkok

You know you can never be ready whenever leaving for an overseas assignment. It always happens to me – documents to be printed at the last minute, last minute meetings, last minute rush to the bank, last minute rush to exchange the foreign currency and other last minute etc.

[Click to read the rest] “The Departure, The Arrival”

Fuel lid and traveling

I was in KL the other day and whilst waiting at the traffic light, I noted this Kancil with something sticking out from its fuel lid. It looks like a piece of cloth but a slight breeze was blowing at the time, causing the cloth to be swaying left and right.
[Click to read the rest] “Fuel lid and traveling”
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