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February 7, 2006

Polish the car!

This post is going to get 8555 to high beam me…

I had made it a practice to have my car polished & waxed at least once every 6 – 8 months. It is for a simple reason – to maintain and preserve the metallic paint. With an average car going through the tropical sun, heavy acid rain and pollution, it is not a surprise if you find cars with fast deteriorating paint layers – sometimes it is so bad that you may think that it has been hit by some rabies.… [Click to read the rest] “Polish the car!”

The unexpected traffic and KL drivers

It is always been a sound idea to go for an outstation trip a week or so after a major holidays. The last thing I want to do on a holiday is to waste time and risk myself in heavy traffic jams on the highway. So, when the long break during Chinese New Year came, we were holed up in our house and only made short distance driving

So when I decided to go to Taiping a week after the long break, I had expected an almost traffic free lanes on the highway and I was right.

[Click to read the rest] “The unexpected traffic and KL drivers”