Polish the car!

This post is going to get 8555 to high beam me…

I had made it a practice to have my car polished & waxed at least once every 6 – 8 months. It is for a simple reason – to maintain and preserve the metallic paint. With an average car going through the tropical sun, heavy acid rain and pollution, it is not a surprise if you find cars with fast deteriorating paint layers – sometimes it is so bad that you may think that it has been hit by some rabies. Re-painting on the hand is very costly – it cost me RM300 to repaint just one door panel sometime ago.

The only place that I go for a good polish job is in Taiping.

Firstly it is cheap – I can get the whole job done for less than RM100 (the fact that the car wash centre is owned by my close relative helps to lower down the cost but that besides the point. I still pay the full payment most of the time. A standard wash-vacuum-polish job in Taiping is still cheaper compared to the ones we find in Klang Valley which cost almost RM350 or more for the same quality).

Secondly, the guys at the car wash really spend their time to make sure they get the best out of the polish work (I sense it is because it is the boss’ “very important” relative’s car but then again, I could be wrong. It could be just that there is not many cars going for polish job at the car wash)

It is a sunny day and it is a great day to take a nice shower, my car seems to indicate. The Iswara goes into the “assembly line” for the standard car wash and vacuum. After a long ride from KL, there is enough brake dust on my rims and on the sides to be scrapped off. So, getting a good wash is critical before they start on the polish work. Washing & vacuum job is done fast because there are at least 2 guys attending to each car

After a good wash, a layer of polish is rubbed on and polished off using a Bosch “Polisher” (I am not sure what the machine is called so I made up the name) and with clean rag. Don’t be misled by the “unprofessional” look of the guys working on my car…their quality of work is professional enough. One guy will polish in whilst another will polish it off (kind of reminds me of Mr Miyagi of the Karate Kid movie’s “Wax On, Wax Off” stuff). Once it is done, a layer of wax is rubbed on and the whole process is repeated. In the end, the car is hosed down with plenty of water and rubbed dry – that is to wash away any residual polish or wax dust that may been left over on the car

The car is almost 3 years old with 66,000 kilometres done but looks brand new. It looks even better at night when riding around town.To understand more on polishing & waxing, read here and here and be better equipped to take care of your car.

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The unexpected traffic and KL drivers

It is always been a sound idea to go for an outstation trip a week or so after a major holidays. The last thing I want to do on a holiday is to waste time and risk myself in heavy traffic jams on the highway. So, when the long break during Chinese New Year came, we were holed up in our house and only made short distance driving

So when I decided to go to Taiping a week after the long break, I had expected an almost traffic free lanes on the highway and I was right. The traffic on the highway was almost sparse and the police checkpoints were, well I would say unattended (there was less cars to be watched anyway).

A clear traffic on the highway meant 2 things – either the mad crowd is back to the cities after a long holiday or is still terrorizing the small towns & villages via extended holiday. So, when I reached Taiping, the traffic was still high which meant the city crowd was still here with an extended holidays. The thought of a pleasant driving in Taiping was diminishing fast.

Picture 1

It is very (I must stress the word “very” here) rare to find traffic jam in Taiping – last week was an exception. Most cars from KL and Selangor jammed the road. Take note of the car in front of me (WHJ 8033) – the driver demonstrated how a typical KL driver would act on the road (see picture below to see what I mean)

Picture 2

Idiots come in all shapes and sizes. This lady driver casually parked the car with its backside sticking out to the main lane like a sore thumb and walks off to a shop nearby. The best part was that the area she parked is not really a parking lot but rather it is the lane turning to the left. Only idiots from the Klang Valley can display such act of arrogant parking on the main road and not being bothered with other road users, sigh.

When I noted that as at Saturday night, the traffic was still heavy with cars from the Klang Valley making the bulk of the cars in the town, I knew that it will be a mad rush back to KL on Sunday. My strategy was to leave to KL immediately after breakfast, hoping that the bulk of the crowd to be leaving only after lunch (ya, I was counting on Malaysians’ attitude to do things the last minute and you know what, it works).

Thankfully, the journey back home was pleasant as well although there were more cars on the road compared the day when I traveled to Taiping. Occasionally there was traffic jam when some express buses were trying overtaking several trucks uphill (when they will ever learn?).
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