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Playing with “Oranges”


Inspired by my “photo discovery” over the last weekend, here are more photos for the blog!

My Fuji Finepix A210 digital camera is not high-tech as compared to some of the digital cameras in the market these days. It has decent specifications – 3.2 MP, uses 2 AA batteries and has 3 times optical zoom. It however does not have many manual settings to play around – so when my colleagues talk about changing the ISO setting or playing with the shutter speed, I just had to look the other way.

The A210 was a low entry level camera when I bought it 2 years – enough to just snap some shots during family outings or birthday parties (after all, I was the unofficial family photographer which explains why you don’t see much in photo albums). However, as I began to improve on my photography skills; it seems like my humble camera did not have the right technology to keep up. That is until recently I spent the extra time to tweak with the minimum manual setting (although not much though) and enhanced the shots with the bundled Fuji Imagine software (I had the software for the last 2 years but did not bother to install it – installation of computer games took precedent. I can’t help it; it is one weakness I rather not work on). There was big difference with the shots now.

Picture 1

Shot at my uncle’s house. The guys were in front, enjoying their drinks whilst the ladies were at the dining area. That left the living area with the garden chairs under the staircase abandoned – enough for me to set up the shot. The tall speaker on the left provided some cover to the bright lamp – the only distraction was the insect spray that was left on the staircase by my cousin (sigh). The shot was taken without a camera flash – utilizing the lamp lights with settings ISO 100, aperture F3.0 and shutter speed 1/9 seconds.

Picture 2

My trusted Iswara, fresh from a car wash, is parked right in front of a neighbor’s house. The polish look from the 2 tone color of the car (ya, that’s right – for those who did not know, Proton Iswara SE actually has 2 colors – blue and silver) helps to reflect some of the streetlights. The shot was taken without a camera flash – utilizing the street light with settings ISO 100, aperture F3.0 and shutter speed 1/5 seconds.

Picture 3

Shot from high ground and overlooking a LRT station near Subang. The night is waking up at bottom whilst the sun is fading away on top. It was a very romantic kind of atmosphere (ahem!). The shot was taken without a camera flash with settings ISO 100, aperture F3.0 and shutter speed 1/140 seconds.


It takes time (and several tries) for the above shots as my camera is too sensitive to vibrations when it is on the manual mode. I had to rest on the table or on stationary things to take vibration free shots. In the end, it is worth it.
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