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What’s wrong with some drivers?

I changed my puny standard Proton Iswara horn to BMW Twin Hella horns (not the same model as shown above but you get the idea) soon after I bought my car. In some instances, it had saved my car from being hit by morons on the road. In other times, it helped to let out my frustration on some drivers (ya, I use my middle finger too). Photo source:

I was pissed off yesterday and I was pissed off this morning…


I left the office at about 7.00 pm. At the traffic light junction at Sunway leading to the LDP towards Puchong, I noted an old blue Nissan on my right. To clarify things, the lane on the right leads directly into the LDP to Puchong whilst the lane on the left (which I was in) leads to LDP and also Pantai Expressway.

The traffic light was red. So, I had the time to have a good look at the car. It was old and there were way too many people at the back seat. Clearly the car was overloaded. I just shake my head in disbelief and adjusted the volume on my CD player.

The light turned green. I turned on my indicator and start to move towards the LDP. All the sudden, I noticed this blue car was turning to the left into my lane without any signal. It was also clear that the driver did not even looked into his/her mirrors (ya, I did not see the driver). I slammed on my brakes (luckily the car at the back of me slowed down in time) and slammed my horns. The blue car suddenly swerved towards the right again and speed off. I chased after the car and once again slammed on my horns as I was overtaking it. All I saw as I was passing by was the passengers at the back profusely apologizing (they motioned with their hands). Even at this time, I could not see the driver – I had to watch out for the traffic in the front. Despite my anger, I was a bit shaken from the incident – I came close being hit by a moron for nothing.


This morning was even better. Just image this –

You are driving on a 3 lane highway. One of the lanes has been marked off with traffic cones for traffic moving towards the Federal Highway. The other 2 lanes, heads straight to Kelana Jaya and Damansara. So, for those who are going towards the Federal Highway, you need to be on the correct lane from the start. There is not much traffic on the road and as such, you are driving at a comfortable speed of 70 – 80 km/h. All the sudden the car in front of you puts up the indicator and suddenly stops, right there at the lane. Only for one reason – to pick up a friend who was waiting by the road side.

That’s what happened to me this morning. It would not been that bad if the driver has been pull over into the housing area to pick the friend. Many parts of LDP does not have emergency lane so it does not make sense to make a sudden stop for non-emergency cases.

The moment I saw the idiot putting up the indicator lights at a place where I know there is no junction; somehow I knew the idiot was going to make something stupid. I was unusually alert this morning after the incident yesterday, I slowed down not knowing what to expect. True enough, the driver made a sudden stop to pick up a friend by the road side. Luckily I was slow enough to quickly change lane and avoid slamming the back of the car.

I horned the driver as I was passing and all I got was this “what did I do?” look from the idiot. Didn’t she know that she was on a 3 lane highway and the extreme left lane is not an emergency lane?

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3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with some drivers?”

  1. Ah its probably morons day comes after 666

    morning got out of my house driving really slow (too many jakun students around) n this gal starts her bike n just drives into my path – only when i horned did she realise there was a car

    n then this guy decides walking in the middle of the road is cool – all in 2 mins of getting out of the house

    then this truck driver coming from a right junction (i’m coming from the left n going into the left lane) narrowly misses hitting my car – as he decides he likes to drive on the left n sees no car – ive got an invisible machine u see

  2. Despite being in KL for whole of my life, I am still not get used to the driving style of some drivers. As it they are targetting your car for accident. Sigh

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