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Photographing for Ideas

Ok, before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is a snapshot of my dad looking out from the apartment window in Port Dickson.

It was early last year when we had this “compulsory” once a year family trip. It was too hot for a quiet stroll out along the beach, so we were holed up the apartment that we rented for the week. As usual, this does not stop me from taking snapshots of my son and the rest of the family. I passed by the room where my dad was taking his nap earlier and realised that he was checking out the weather. It was a good pose for a candid shot and I did not miss the chance to snap one.

My camera may not be high tech but somehow I am learning to compensate that with creative angle and photo enhancement software. But then again, it is never too late to learn from the professionals. Shaolin Tiger took an incentive to launch Digisniper. There are several other photoblogs out there but sometime it is limited to the style and skill of a single or group of friends.

I have recently discovered a good photo site at Photonet which has a great collection of superb photos both from amateurs and professionals. They also have good write-ups on getting the right photo shots but nothing beats looking at the photos itself. The best ones are listed as “Photo of the Week” or “Top Photos” or “Top Photographers”.

Looking at the angles or the situation where the photo was taken, I realised that I too have come across similar angles or situation but did not stop to think and take the shot. Of course, having a good camera and a good mastery of photo enhancement software like Adobe Photoshop helps in the long run but if there is none, one should start with the “framing the shot for the shot”. I am learning to do that until I get myself a better camera. Tag: Photography

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