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Take 5 Meme Almost!

(This is guaranteed to give you a stiff neck – Picture source:

I had a stiff neck this morning. It was bad, I could not turn more than 10 degrees before the pain hits me. I must have done a bungee jumping or head butted someone in my sleep last night.

So, when after a long hiatus, The Greek God, Nilesh blogged something, I read and noticed that it was a meme. I started drafting out the meme when the pain in the neck persisted. So, I put away my mouse, looked at what need to be written and thought “oh dear”. Somehow I had this feeling to oblige the “Greek God” with one post.

Then I noticed Nilesh also “passed” on to people who are not likely to do the meme – Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang and Kadir Jasin. That was my “excuse” to opt from doing a meme. Perhaps some other time, I will do so but for the time being, I am in pain to do one.

Blame it on the stiff neck. Ouch! Tag: Blogsphere

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