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Beta Blogger

(This is for the benefit of those using Blogger )

In case you have not heard about it by now, take a look at the new improvements for Blogger at Blogger Buzz.

One of the reasons I moved from Blogger to WordPress is the ease of its blog management system. It is cleaner and easier to use. Besides, the downtime for WordPress has been more impressive than Blogger – it has hardly gone down (unlike Blogger which can be a pain in the neck at crucial times).

Since I migrated to WordPress, it has evolved a lot – new features have been added on regular basis especially on the templates (it also has an auto save feature for draft post now) and I am sure that more will be added soon. Widgets makes life simple with its easy to use features and templates can be changed without losing the various customized links (unlike Blogger – new template will simply wipe away all customized links)

Coming back to Beta Blogger – the templates are now more manageable than before but still have a long way to go if to meet WordPress on this (unless Blogger introduce new templates & features soon). It still has the old templates to pick but as it is mentioned in Blogger Buzz, a lot of changes also were made in the background such as the improvement of time to save and the ability to label post into various categories.

It is still a “Beta” version so I am sure that it will be improved further before it is “released” for production use. Take the tour of the new features here

By the way, it was mentioned in tour “we’ve added a bunch of new templates created by some of the web’s most talented designers” – well, it is not up yet and so does other features mentioned in the tour, so it is still too early to comment on it. Anyway, for those using Blogger, it’s worth the “upgrade”.

For detailed review – read Fresh Blog’s post on it. Tag: Blogsphere

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