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Dr Bakri Musa on Ketuanan Melayu

Thanks to Rocky’s Bru, I found this gem post from Dr Bakri Musa titled “The False Premise and Promise of Ketuanan Melayu”.

It was an inspirational read early in the morning and the effect does not limit itself to Malays or the little fanatics who are harping on “Ketuanan Melayu” – no matter what the cost will be in the end.

Setting aside the fact that Bakri Musa is writing on the sorry state of the nation and there are political infusions to the post, the crux of his arguments and deductions should inspire all of us.

The content itself is nothing new – it is something that most of us been talked, blogged, argue or sometimes even spitted on it but coming from a Malay Malaysia who is living abroad, it does give the issue an out-of-the-box angle. He talks about real world competitiveness when he said:-

The Malays have never learned or refused to learn what it would take to be Tuan…Both the premise and promise of Ketuanan Melayu are false. The sooner Malays grasp this stark reality, the better it is for us and for all Malaysians, as well as for the nation.

In this competitive world you work to be a Tuan; you must earn it! In feudal societies, whether you are fated to be master or servant is determined at birth by your heritage. Malaysia has long passed that stage though many are still entrapped in the feudal mindset.

Most of my Malay friends already grasped the reality and have pushed themselves towards excellence. But unfortunately that is a minority few – the rest are still under the influence of “politicians designed drugs” thinking that they are still “Tuan” by virtue of color of the skin. Bakri Musa pours cold water into this false reality when he said:-

While Malays fantasize being de jure (by operation of law) Tuan, non-Malays, through their hard work, has become de facto (as a matter of fact) Tuans in Malaysia. Outside of government offices, this is the harsh reality…

Such are the meaningless consequences of the empty promises of Ketuanan Melayu. It is a cruel hoax perpetrated upon our people by our very own leaders…

Ketuanan Melayu is premised upon false foundations. Tanah Melayu (Land of the Malays) or not, Malays are not ordained to be Tuan, in our own land or elsewhere. On the other hand, if Malays were competitive, rest assured that we would then be Tuans even in lands other than Tanah Melayu.

I agree that it is very unlikely that people that we elected will strive to make Malaysians (I said Malaysians and not Malays) Tuans of anything because that it is true nature of politicians – keep the masses beyond the thinking cap and exploit the ignorance.

In the end, it is left for each and every one of us to strive on our own to succeed. As Dr Bakri Musa said “In this competitive world you work to be a Tuan; you must earn it! Tag: Inspiration

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3 thoughts on “Dr Bakri Musa on Ketuanan Melayu”

  1. Life of Syndicate and Gang up. Malay is not capable yet though in recent history Gang up as UMNO manage to consolidate stop bluntant Colonial policy of British. The trade was giving citizen ship and eventually govenance to every one.
    Like all trade you either gain or lose. Being poor trader . The Malay lost both political power and whatever economic power there have in term of land ownership.
    Malay try the syndicate method practice by Chinese long long ago . The Malay sabotage them as Krony. Actually sindicate and kronism is another word ford networking and loyal to oranization for benetifit of all in long run but full of sacrifice in short term. That is foundation of competition.
    I dont think Dr Understand what he is trying to say.
    Hang tuah is a team of 5 man , when Hang Jebat rebel is a man of no team. So he cannot compete alone inspite of his kebal hand ultra technology kris of his time.
    Malay is good at poli tickling from UMNO they split to Pas now the add PKR . If UMNO want party Pas Trade Guild and PKR Union of Traders but they choose to do the tickling because the leader are of religious law and malay study……..inspite of some experience as Minister of Finance. We Give leadership to unprofessional the how to be competitive. When dont know abou trade strategies and tactic and chain and net working?

  2. I have seen country that is really magnanimous, the citizens voluntarily give foods and medical aids to illegal immigrants hiding from the immigration authorities. These are ordinary citizens not the red cross volunteers.
    They said that their country have failed to keep out the illegal immigrants at the border
    therefore the fault lies with them and it is their country’s duty to see to it that the illegal immigrants do not suffer unnecessarily. They should be well treated and send back to their country of origin since the government have failed to do so they should blamed themselves not the illegal immigrants. The citizens of this country think beyond the ordinary level, they could see the ultimate cause of the problems and they want the government to solve the problems the correct ways. I really admire them.

    If only malaysians are kind in thought, deeds and words they could really make this country a paradise. Instead of thinking one race dominating another, this Ketuanan issue would not have arise in the first place. We make decisions that reflects our ego. Our thoughts are not magnanimous, as a country we may be economically successful but that is about all there is.

    If only malaysians are kind in words, deeds and thoughts among themselves the country would be

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