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Witty Squirrel, Village Idiots & Simple English

Normally I don’t talk or blog about things in my current workplace but for today I will make an exception.

It was about 7.30 in the morning. There were just 2 – 3 people in the office. So, I switched on the PC and walked to the other side of the office to switch on the air-conditioner. The path that I took will get me passing by the office male toilet.

As I pass by the toilet, from the corner of my eyes, I noticed something flashed by. At first, I thought it was my shadows but it was not. So, I gather in my mind that it must be a rat. Picking up my courage, I entered the toilet to “confirm” the sighting. There are 3 cubicles inside the toilet – the first 2 was ok. When I walked towards the 3rd one, that’s where I saw it…a huge squirrel standing at the edge.

I was surprised – my office is couple of floors up and the doors & windows are sealed, so how did it managed to enter the office (later that day, we managed to solve the mystery). I slowly walked out, closed the door and informed the others. Since not many staff has come in to the office, we stick a large notice on the toilet door. It says:-


We needed to keep the squirrel trapped long enough until the pest control guys come over to catch them. I went back to my place and continued with my work. At about 8.30 am, I walked out and noticed the toilet door widely opened – ha, some one must have opened it. I checked the door – ya, the notice was still there. I was angry but taking my chances, I closed it. 10 minutes later, I noticed that it was opened again. But then again, probably I should have worded the notice as “Warning, Wild Squirrel Trapped Inside Toilet” but knowing how curious some people are, that would just “invited” them to open and see.

Damn, don’t these people know how to read simple English? Do not open the door means do not open. How difficult it is going to be? Even if it was an “emergency” case – there are toilets at the other floors that they could go. But nooooo…these people had to use the same toilet where we have trapped the squirrel and let the squirrel out into the open.

Now we have a loose squirrel running about the office…

At about 11.00 am, my lady colleague couple of tables away suddenly jumped and said something moved near her legs. The squirrel was back in the action. Armed with waste paper baskets, a few of brave souls (all guys lah of course) set to trap the squirrel but it was too fast and witty to be caught. It ran under the tables, on the tables and along the pathway. It created havoc to our department.

Then it decided to run into the Customer Service Department where the majority of them are ladies. At first we thought that it was a blessing in disguise as we managed to trap it within the CSD room. But then almost immediately frantic screams were heard. So, 6 big sized guys entered the room to catch it but it was no avail – the squirrel was doing better surviving the “net”.

Finally, true to Malay proverb “sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga” (meaning no matter how smart a squirrel can jump, it will fall eventually) we had some luck. It must have gotten tired – one of the guys managed to trapped it in a waste paper basket. We dragged it and opened outside the main door and next to the staircase.

Within seconds…it disappeared into the stairways. Tag: Event

4 thoughts on “Witty Squirrel, Village Idiots & Simple English”

  1. wah, happening wei…u sure not someone’s pet arr? n werent ur colleagues wondering what the heck u were doing taking pix instead of joining the rescue crew? lol 😛

  2. The squirrel hitch-hiked on a large plants that we recently bought for the office.

    U kidding me? I rather not have the squirrel jump on me…so I took the job of taking pictures for the blog and also for the staff intranet website. That way it is safer…ha ha ha

  3. hehee u scared of squirrel huh? hehehe

    damn how u guys caught it so fast

    we managed to evacuate ours – but hes stil coming back donno from where or when grrrr

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