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Noticed that I have pasted back the “Categories” at the side bar?

Ever since I met someone called “”, I started to do categories for my blog posts under Blogspot. It has been good so far but when I moved to WordPress, I realised that categorizing was much simpler. The only problem that I had I was not able to mass categorize all those posts that I had imported from my Blogspot. So, I put them all under the one category called “Blogspot” even though it has its own categories under

I took out the Category widget from the side bar last time because most of the posts were under one or two main categories (and done incorrectly too). That would defeat the purpose of having categories in the first place. But now after couple of months, I gather I have enough posts to say that having the categories would be helpful. Further, whenever I have the time, I have been quietly been re-categorizing all those posts that was incorrectly tagged under “Blogspot” (there is more to go I know but the process is not easy either).

Updates to have not been exactly up to date (most of the time), so having the WordPress tags would actually help me to checking on the categories.

Probably I should tag this post as “Post when I can’t think of a good post” tag. Hmmm Tag: Blogsphere

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