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Fellow Young Blogger


When I started to blog, all I wanted is a space to express myself and an avenue to improve on my communication skills. Of course, over the time, I have gained some knowledge and skills but there is a long way to go.

Some of my family members (especially my wife) read my blog on a regular basis. The idea of my great, great, great grandchildren reading on my thoughts and events hundred years from now may sound a bit far fetching but it is not far from possibility. But that is not what I had in mind for this post.

One of the family members that I have some how inspired, have started blogging as well. My cousin is still schooling in a Government School but have a great deal interest in gadgetry especially hand phones and music. He has 2 hand phones (very latest ones) in his pockets and his hard disc is always overloaded with pictures, music and other files. So, when he first heard about blogging, he was one the first to check out my blog and fire up questions on blogging.

As expected, he started his own blogging using WordPress titled “The Truths

Looking into his blog, one can see that he has not really active in writing or posting but that does not matter because he is pretty tied up with his school work or busy tweaking with his gadgets. But once in a while, he managed to update the blog with pictures taken from one of the 2 camera phones that he has and write a short note to it.

It is a good start and I am happy to be part of his ventures. We have now 2 bloggers in the family and hope to rope in more. Tag: Blogsphere

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