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Freak Accident & Project Iswara

I thought since my last accident, I will be more careful when driving.

I have been more careful since then but this morning, I don’t know what happened to me but I accidentally scrapped through the side barrier at my office car park causing side of my front right bumper skirting to fall off. Not sure what cause me to do it – either it was the early morning heavy rain or because I was rushing for nothing or I was just being plain careless and stupid.

I parked my car and rushed out to inspect it. The clip was there but the holder inside seems missing. Feeling very guilty and angry of myself, I tried to reattach back the clip but it was very loose. I worried that if I continue driving with it, the clip will fall off. So, I opened the boot and checked for some wires that I can use. Luckily for me, I found one that is strong enough to tie. I tied up the loose skirting with the wires. It held up well but it was not the same as being held firmly with the clip but that had to do for now until I get it fixed this week.

Today it seems like it is not my day.

It’s seems like my car been getting some hits for the last couple of months. Perhaps it is just so typical of a Proton car – falling apart after just three and a half years of driving (clocking 75,000 kilometers todate). Considering that I have just bought a house, it is unlikely that I will have the cash to buy new car (although the new Honda Civic and the Ford Focus looks very tempting). So I have to do with the one that I have now. Purchase of the new house could be a blessing in disguise – the car porch is large enough for me to tweak, clean and do minor repair to the car.

With that in mind, I am going to launch “Project Iswara” (will change if I can think of a better name) – it is a sort of a “restoration” project of the car. Although I have couple of things to do up in mind, I have not listed it down on paper – the what, how and when stuffs. First in the list would be the tightening of the skirting clips. Next will be paint touch ups, tightening of nuts and bolts that been making noise, updating the seat covers, improvement of the sound quality, plenty of clean up (cleaning the engine bay with a tooth brush is coming to my mind), etc. The list seems endless but it will be a good activity for my Saturdays and Sundays (other than working on the interior decoration for the house).

I need to take a good look of my car in and out for my list of things to do under Project Iswara. The loose skirting is bugging me for now, so I need to fix that first before I can sit down calmly to work out a proper plan for this project.

Still feeling guilty and angry though… Tag: Car

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4 thoughts on “Freak Accident & Project Iswara”

  1. Wishing u best of luck with Project Iswara.

    My car is still missing his ‘lost’ website. I really hope it will be able to be retrieved and be up and running once again. Lots of things he wants to write.

  2. Visithra – Yes, this is second time my right side of the bumper been hit. I checked last night, I think it was more than a “slight impact” – the connectors was broken. Had to improvise to fix it last night.

    Din – Ya, long time no hear from your 8555. My car been missing latest post from 8555. I can tell from the sound of it’s engine.

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