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Prelude to In God, We Trust Part 2

Part 1 is posted here and I am dead tired to write on the Part 2 extensively. So, this one will be a quickie in the interim.

It was a tiring night indeed. We been working “non-stop” since Friday to be ready for the Sunday morning prayers. Checklist was run through several times to make sure we did not leave anything out. Somehow we managed to pick the right priest for the said prayers – worth the time and money spent on the prayers. More once I have drafted the story (hopefully soon).

As usual, I was with my camera taking several shots of the preparation, the prayers and the “aftermath” but need time to sort it and do some enhancements. Hopefully, I can sit down tonight and write down my story (I would say a must read for all Indians who are planning to have special prayers for new house).

Picture of the day is posted BJ Photos (more is coming once sorting been done). Tag: House

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