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Indian Wedding Part 3

Last week, my younger cousin was getting married and out of many weddings that I have attended (so far); this one was a bit different. It almost ended with a “mini” disaster.

The wedding was scheduled to start at about 6.20 pm but by the time we dressed up and wade through the heavy traffic jam, it was almost 7.15 pm. On the way there, we noticed that many of the shops did not have the lights on and then we realised that there was a blackout in the vicinity. It did not take long for us to notice that the wedding hall was in pitch darkness as well. We quickly parked the car and walked in.

We were greeted with a big crowd at the entrance, probably because they could not stand the heat inside. There were some candles on each of the tables inside to brighten things up and the wedding ceremony was proceeding smoothly on the stage (guided by candles and Indian lamps). The bride was in the verge of tears on the sudden change of circumstances. The management of the wedding hall was clearly not prepared for such situations – there were no backup generators.

Just when things looked like it was not going well; the lights suddenly came back and at the right moment too – the bridegroom was about to tie the knot around the bride’s neck. It was back to business as usual.

I took the opportunity of snapping photos and chatting with some of relatives from outstation whilst my son was busy attracting attention with his cool looks and charming smile. He was very friendly to the ladies and little girls but was quick to move away from those old aunties & uncles who try to hold him by force.

There were plenty cute little children for great photo shots and one of them is my cousin’s daughter (seen above with her elder cousin) who was also assigned to lead the bride to the altar. She looked fabulous with her little green and orange dress. She consistently cried out to her mother to adjust her dress before they were ushered in. Her father was busy on the camera phone, snapping away several photo shots on his daughter. So did myself.

It was almost 10.00 pm by the time we finished and headed back to the bride’s house for a short rest. Everyone keeps talking on how relieved they were that the electricity came back on the right moment, sparing a mini disaster.

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2 thoughts on “Indian Wedding Part 3”

  1. Visithra – ya, it is unlucky and lucky night for everyone. First the blackout and then the lights coming back – provided all the drama that a blogger needs…haha

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