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What is a Bangsa Malaysia?

The word “Bangsa Malaysia” (Malaysian Race) it seems, does not seem to have one proper meaning. If one “google” out the word “Bangsa Malaysia”, you can find multiple definitions:-

Pak Lah – “This means that all Malaysians must be mobilized to contribute together to nation building”

Abdul Ghani – “Definition of the people of Malaysia with the Malays as the main race”

Najib – “Bangsa Malaysia means we do not evaluate someone by his skin colour, race or religion”

Lee Kuan Yew – “Wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysian only through their favor”

But probably the entry in the Wikipedia sums up what a Bangsa Malaysia all about:-

The Bangsa Malaysia policy was introduced by Mahathir Mohamad, then Prime Minister of Malaysia to create an inclusive national identity for all inhabitants of Malaysia, thus abandoning the National Culture Policy that asserted a Malay ethnic national identity. Mahathir Mohamad said it means “people being able to identify themselves with the country, speak Bahasa Malaysia (the Malay language) and accept the Constitution”

It has been some controversy on the word “Bangsa Malaysia” ever since Abdul Ghani started to equate it with the eroding of the special rights given to the Malays. If one is asking why only now Abdul Ghani raising such a racist statement, look what is coming up soon – UMNO General Assembly. This is the time for the various Malay politicians to make stupid, idiotic and highly racist statements all in the name of “Ketuanan Melayu”, “Champion for Malay Rights” and other outdated concepts to stay alive in politics.

So, Abdul Ghani needs to stir up the “settled dust” to be seen as another keris wielding Malay hero during the General Assembly. Making racist statement and entrusting the fear of the Malays works all the time. That seems to be the only way for Malaysian politicians to hold on to their office and staying in power. The need of a united and strong nation it seems comes in the last place.

So, what is a Bangsa Malaysia anyway?

If you ask me, Bangsa Malaysia refers to the citizens of Malaysia being treated in equal terms irregardless of sex, race, religion and political ideology. I concur with Najib on this but I disagree with Najib that the notion of Bangsa Malaysia should only be limited to the state of the mind. There is a big difference between thinking of an idea and executing an idea. We may think ourselves as Bangsa Malaysia but if we are treated as second class citizens, then the notion of Bangsa Malaysia is defeated. We do not want to be look like fools for not practicing what we preach to others.

Bangsa Malaysia has nothing to do with race, religion or beliefs. I can be hardcore Malay, Chinese or Indian and practicing Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism on a micro level but on a macro level, I am still a Bangsa Malaysia granted with equal rights and benefits. Bangsa Malaysia means equal treatment irregardless of the fact that you are a 4th generation Malaysian Indian or 2nd generation of an Indonesian immigrant.

Bangsa Malaysia means working together for the benefit of the nation without any influence of individual interest, religion or race. For those still clinging on to the outdated ideas and arguments, please get real – the more divided we are as a nation, the easier for the other countries to roll and kick us on all aspect – Singapore already started to do so. The sooner we adapt the “Bangsa Malaysia” ideology, the better our nation will be. Tag: Malaysia

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14 thoughts on “What is a Bangsa Malaysia?”

  1. Fortunately, this is “utopian state” that every human being thinks of of their respective country. Unfortunately, this sounds good on paper but it is not practical. Even Singapore had issue with the Malays and US with Red Indians, to name few. However, I do agree that, it will definitely increase the level of confidence, proudness and love to belong of to so call Bangsa Malaysia.

  2. There is already a group called “bangsat Malaysia” running the place. What more can one ask for? Get real – the Malays are never going to stop sponging on the non-Malays, especially the Chinese. The Tamils are already the poorest community in the country and they will be oppressed even more as a warning to the Chinese. If you are under 45, speak English, have trade, professiona or business skills, consider migration. If you are a Malaysian, send a brief email about yourself for a free assessment to me at “” .

  3. Balajoe,
    Well said. It is easy to stay and fight with Samy Vellu as our hero. He is working hard everyday trying to ingratiate himself with the b**iputras so that at least some Indians (cronies) can get crumbs off the UMNO table.
    The rest of us are told not to rock the boat so he can get ahead with his plan to help Indians. I hope it is completed soon as one generation has already passed with him in charge and I cannot afford to be “helped” by MIC much longer.

  4. Samy is a promising man, very,very promising. I’m still waiting to have a drink with him. I’m so thirsty I could migrate if I knew how.

  5. Bangsa Malaysia does not embraced assimilation –

    means they must adopt one common thing

    Here the most relevant one is

    BAHASA – We no longer needs Primary type school for Tamil (SRJK-Tamil) and Chinese (SRJK (Chinese)

    We need only SekolahKebangsan irrespective of thier recase

    Arab, Chinese, Indonesiaon, Java, Banjar ….

    I hope DAP for Malaysia Malaysian must agree to this principle. Bahasa Melayu must be the medium. english (second) however other lenguage (mother toughg) can be taught as usual as a language subjects like in university)

    By having only SK . oll the goverment resource can be optimized and racial intergrity can be speed-up.

    Kids from sort of live, mother tough and culture back ground can have common language and start to know each other without prejudice right from day one in school.

    Do you agree

    If DAP strungle for Malaysia <alaysian – They must agreed to this principle, otherwise other thing only just a political rethric only or for their political goal especially to win the political goal for non-Malay goal

    Malaysia identity should reflects the Nusnatara identity.


  6. bangsa malaysia is..DON’T MISS THE BOAT to REPUBLICANS..TIMES UP all to go ..before we learn about love and to be loved..lets learn about losing something appreciated your own testimony during the constitution from the british, not only malaysia, but the world is to be shared until to our kitchen, agree? read
    The problem is CORRUPTION. once started by Hang Li Po, her grandchildren admitted those, Arab taught to lie, Parameswara taught to change name. NOW WE ARE ON LURCH, British trying to stay heroic, Nothing got to do with american that we hate for jewish matters, democrates proven corrupted by their components and oppositions who were from their own pocket, semangat 46, PKRs were UMNO’s etc..remember?..Aggravated by Corruptions, PEOPLE has to AUDIT through Republicans..Democrates is myths and proven

  7. About Malaysian Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    People, I attended a ‘MUHIBBAH’ seminar to encourage better ‘PERPADUAN’ between people of the various races in this country organised by a very large Malaysian government agency and they gave us a puzzle to solve.

    I like to share it with you all.

    Here’s the puzzle (with the answers as well):


    1. What does an orang Melayu do when he is alone? HE SLEEPS.
    2. What does an orang Cina do when he is alone? HE PLANTS VEGETABLES, GARDENING OR DOES CARPENTRY WORK.
    3. What does an orang India do when he is alone? HE DRINKS AND THEN MABUK.


    4. What about when an orang Melayu and his friend do when the two of them are together? THEY MENGUMPAT ORANG.
    5. What about when an orang Cina and his friend do when the two of them are together? THEY DO FARMING, START A SMALL FURNITURE SHOP OR A MINI MARKET.
    6. What about when an orang India and his friend do when the two of them are together? THEY DRINK , MABUK AND THEN BEGIN FIGHTING.


    7. What does an orang Melayu do when he is with two or more of his friends, that means there are at least three of them? THEY JOIN A POLITICAL PARTY AND BUAT SIBUK.
    8. What does an orang Cina do when he is with two or more of his friends, that means there are at least three of them? THEY RUN A BIG BUSINESS.
    9. What does an orang India do when he is with two or more of his friends, that means there are at least three of them? THEY FORM A WORKERS’ UNION.

    The Malays will then work as security guards for the Chinese who are now Towkays and the Indians will work as labourers or drivers for the Towkays .

    Best regards.

  8. So by 2020 all of us would be known as Bangsa Malaysia in a fully developed nation, right ? What happen then ?
    1) No more race category in our MyKad ( since every citizen is Bangsa Malaysia ).
    2) Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Tun Fatimah and UiTM open to ALL qualified citizen.
    3) All important forms such as Income Tax, Land Application, Housing Loan, Business Permits etc would not have the Race category.
    4) If anyone ask what race are you, just say ” I am Malaysian “. He or she may counter that is your citizenship. And you reply ” I am Bangsa Malaysia “.

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