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“Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia”


(Great Poster job by Mob)

It is amazing and comforting to know that Malaysians can easily overcome the thing called racism and be united in a common mission. It is “Merdeka” month and as usual, some politicians drop their real character and harp on the virtue of celebrating the nation’s Independence Day.

It is ironic (ok, perhaps it is not) that the politicians who go around the world saying that Malaysia is blessed due to the diversity of it’s people and culture, are the one who later issue statements that creates a feeling of anxiety and hatred – all in the name of “parti politik, kaum dan agama” (political party, race and religion).

Perhaps 50 years ago, this may have hold water but we have walked a long since then. We have embraced this blessed country as the place that we were born and will die. Patriotism runs deep in many of us – irrespective of color of the skin and the religion that we practice. For us, the country comes first, all the time.

After 50 years, are we going to wash our hands and say “that is normal in Malaysia”? Are we going to say that there is nothing much we can do against the powerful and corrupt politicians? Are we going to fall for the lies and tricks that the politicians throw at us so that we remain un-united and be easily exploited by the politicians? Are we going to allow the corrupt to walk away scot-free?

Think about it. What we can do?

For start, we can create awareness and start practicing what an ideal Malaysian would do. Before we tell others, let’s start with us. Are we the ideal Malaysian? We can stay united no matter what the corrupt and racist politicians throw at us. We can proudly say that we are “anak Malaysia” (son of Malaysia) without even looking at the color of the skin and the religion that we practice. Can we do that for a start?

Mob has created multiple color posters and side banners for your blog. Download it and proudly display it. This should be a strong message to the corrupt politicians out there that enough is enough – stop destroying this beautiful country!

Read also the honorable Bangsa Malaysia project over at The People’s Parliament blog (I like the word “people’s parliament”, sounds far more superior to the current animal parliament that we are currently having – sorry Uncle Kit, you know what I mean). It is high time that we throw out the corrupt into the thrash and “clean up” the house.

Probably on the 50th year of Independence Day, we Malaysians can indeed make a huge difference in the way we are living together as one big family.

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4 thoughts on ““Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia””

  1. Bangsa Malaysia?! As much as my heart craves that badly, I don’t think that I wud live to see it materialize. And I’m only 23.
    There are still some ppl afraid of “losing”, though I fail to see what would they lose should all Malaysians be united under ONE definition.
    Kudos for displaying that picture. I have done it too on my site. Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!

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