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Overseas Assignment 2007: Seeing Bright “Orange” in Kabul (Day 7)

Orange Lamp Kabul

After getting bored watching movies on my laptop and playing games, I took out my camera and started to play with the orange ambience lighting in the hotel. This is what happens when one is stuck in the hotel room with nothing much to do, one will start to get creative.

Yesterday, it was a holiday in Afghanistan – they celebrated their Independence Day.

Unfortunately for us, we were working and when we reached the hotel room, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Independence Day parade on TV. Most of the parade concentrated on the military but it was worth watching.

Kabul Orange Lamp

With nothing much to do in our rooms, I noticed that there are plenty of things to snap in the hotel room…my favourite subject – warm orange lights. It is good to have warm lights in the early cold Kabul morning.

Kabul Hotel Orange Bed

Doesn’t this look very cosy and comfortable? There are days where it is very cold outside, we just want to pull up the thick blanket and lay on our bed for hours.

Happy National Day!


1 thought on “Overseas Assignment 2007: Seeing Bright “Orange” in Kabul (Day 7)”

  1. heheh…u pix of lights reminds me of when i tried to be artsy fartsy with my new cam n went around my friends sister’s house taking pix of the candelier lar, the fountain la n the one i liked most if the iron thingy with old that hindus use during prayers or occasions or in this case, was a ritual thingy for the bride days before her wedding. was fun!! 🙂

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