“Orange” in Kabul

(Day 7 in Kabul)

Yesterday, it was a holiday in Afghanistan – they celebrated the Independance Day. Unfortunately for us, we were working and when we reached the hotel room, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Independance Day parade on TV. Most of the parade concentrated on the military but it was worth watching.

With nothing much to do in our rooms, I noticed that there is plenty of things to snap in the hotel room…my favorite subject – warm orange lights. It is good to have a warm lights in the early Kabul morning

Happy National Day!

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One thought on ““Orange” in Kabul

  1. heheh…u pix of lights reminds me of when i tried to be artsy fartsy with my new cam n went around my friends sister’s house taking pix of the candelier lar, the fountain la n the one i liked most if the iron thingy with old that hindus use during prayers or occasions or in this case, was a ritual thingy for the bride days before her wedding. was fun!! 🙂

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