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Seeing French!

(Day 12 in Kabul)

It is Friday today…that is something like me saying “it is Sunday” and the odd thing is I should be in bed as at now. Only problem is I was not but rather was at work with the rest of the Malaysians here (I know that I am going to be a zombie soon).

It suppose be to the day-off for the locals here in Kabul bt surprisingly the traffic was heavy as usual. Somehow I was missing the KL traffic on Sundays – I can drive up to 120 km/h without a sweat. We were at a roundabout, about to turn right towards the direction of our office when we spotted a convoy of French armoured personal carrieris. The French being the people who they are, did not look too menancing as the Americans and they infact waited for the local traffic to pass before the convoy moved. Americans would have probably rammed through the local traffic.

It is a welcome change in indeed and looking forward a more interesting sight on the road (excluding the Talibans of course)

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