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Burka Band

(Day 20 in Kabul)

It can be downright serious in Kabul with armed guards by the road side, at the entrance of the hotel and riding in the same vehicle with us. The very mention of the place “Kabul” may sent shivers to some people and I can’t blame them – the newspapers here always have an article about the fight against Taliban on frontpage on daily basis.

However, there is always time to find some humor or light jokes right here in Kabul and one of the good source of such light entertainment is from Youtube which featured an all women band – first in Afghanistan after the defeat of Talibans by the US. The wording may be serious in Afghanistan but for the rest of us, coming from a less stressful place, it may sound funny.

Now watch the band in action:-


You may be laughing now but a simple google on the web reveals these articles about the band – read here and here


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