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Wrapping Up

(Day 37 in Kabul)

6th June – seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully it is the day to say goodbye Kabul (and fly back to Dubai) – our home for more than a month now. The work in Kabul is still on-going and some of the guys are staying on to complete it but as far as I am concerned, my work is almost completed. Just a matter of wrapping up the loose ends.

Hopefully by next week, I could be having nasi lemak for breakfast.

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3 thoughts on “Wrapping Up”

  1. Jeevan – if we were at Kabul in Nov – Jan, we have to wade a foot thick of snow but now is summer – it’s warm with occassional rain

    Din – I think I easily can whack 3 packets of nasi lemak (semuanya extra tambah)

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