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On Hold

Some things are best to be kept on hold…

Sometime in September last year, Yvy said this to me “congrats on new blog n hopefully u can cope with the ‘kepeningan’ that comes with it. I also manage 2 blogs and the other seems to be very badly neglected. ‘kesian’….” And she was right.

I had taken a lot of photos at home and on travel but somehow felt that it should not be mixed with the normal post in this blog. I also wanted to write the story behind each photos rather than using them as an accessory for my regular post. So, I went and created a new blog for the photos. Full of excitement in the beginning but after 5 months and 34 posts (ya, it very low) later, I neglected to do more posting. Citing lack of time was an easy excuse but that is not the only excuse.

I have been thinking on what to do on the photo blog (to make it better and attractive) and been visiting a lot of photo blogs for ideas. Taking photos had not been a big problem – I have tons of photos from my last trip to Kabul. But to put the photo in a creative way been a challenge too. Probably I lost steam to continue to take photos (I have not touched the camera since I came back from Kabul) and keep up with the fairly detailed writing for each of the photos. Probably I need a new camera.

(Picture source: and not necessarily the camera to be bought, haha)

DSLR camera prices are coming down each time a new model comes into the market. When I was in Dubai, a Nikon D40 was going for DHS2,499 but that is because Nikon D40X was introduced and that was going for almost DHS3,499 (DHS1,000 difference but yes, for a lot more features too). I saw in the papers couple days ago – a Canon pro consumer digital camera was going for RM1,699. And with a big wedding coming up in August, I might be “upgrading” my old camera to a DSLR or something that has plenty of manual settings.

Hopefully, with a new toy to play around and getting a better shot of things that I missed in the past (like a full moon over the hills in Kabul); I hope to re-launch the photo blog. But until then, it will be on a long, long hiatus and photos will be posted in this blog.

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2 thoughts on “On Hold”

  1. omg. u actually remembered that? *blur* well, i actually have 2 blogs n a folder which i used to update when i got my postcards but now that i have no access to a scanner, that has been on hold. quite sad. but i’m glad that kecik’s blog has not been THAT badly neglected. it really does take time to write something u’d like to look back upon eh?

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