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My friend Alex sure has ways with words…

We had week long training on a new testing tool at the office started yesterday. The classroom was packed as early as 9.00 am but the trainer who was flying down from Singapore was late. So, we went back to our workplace and waited for the coordinator to buzz us once the trainer has arrived.

Participating in the training was my friend, Alex who just arrived from a client’s meeting in Papua New Guinea. He was tired and had little time to rest after almost 8 hours of flight (but had plenty of alcohol to drink along the way). But there were things to do in the office and he could not take the day off. Besides, this training was also critical to his daily work, so he dragged himself to the office.

The first 2 hours was boring – the trainer was reading from the slides on some of the concepts used by the tools. So, Alex was almost dozing off whilst I was reading the thick manual of the software for something interesting. The rest of the class just listened to the trainer – no one asked any questions. The trainer explained something about using the same workstation for execution and moved on to the next chapter.

Suddenly someone at the back held his hand up – It was Alex and he wanted to ask a question. He said this in a loud clear voice:-

“Sorry, I just woke up but could you explain about the part where we need to use the same workstation again? Thanks”

Everyone started to laugh but the trainer was not laughing but he proceeded to explain again. When I asked Alex that his statement was very bold, he remarked that it is just the Monday morning thing.

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