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Foot in the Mouth: Singapore is not a real country!

(The most famous Singaporean ever – the famed comedian Kumar. Image source: CNA Lifestyle)

4th floor boys must be shitting in their pants now…

Notwithstanding the “dungu” alike statement from one “Yang Berhormat”, there is a very high chance that the minister who mentioned it will be back saying that he has been misquoted (despite caught on video).

After all, that is the “standard” reply by Malaysian politicians.

From Malaysiakini:-

“Singapore is not a real country, it is a small island. Singapore’s population is just three to four million and there are no opportunities for corruption, unlike in our country”.

That was a big revelation considering the proximity of the country island, to Pak Lah’s Administration. It reminds me of the time when I was doing jurisprudence law and the lecturer does not like Singaporeans due to a bad experience.

But he knows that there are some Singaporeans in the classroom. So, one day he was giving an example and he draws a map of Malaysia and once he has done that, he looked around at the students and said “Oh Sorry”.

He then proceeded to put at dot at the lower part of Peninsular Malaysia and went on to say “That’s Singapore”.

First of all, given the past record of Nazri and his loose mouth, such statements in the Parliament were not a big surprise. For a person is no other than Nazri himself for he thinks that if he does a “wayang kulit”, people will be distracted from the fact that he is unable to answer the oppositions. So, he just makes some noise.

Does the logic makes sense – the higher population, higher corruption, smaller population, smaller corruption?

If that is the case, we might as well start throwing the politicians and corrupt officials into the deep blue sea and see whether corruptions disappear or not.

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14 thoughts on “Foot in the Mouth: Singapore is not a real country!”

  1. malaysia bigger nation more opportunities for corruption. so, its ok to have corruption in Malaysia.
    by the way, forgive him if his analogy seems bizarre as he just forgot to tag his brain along to parliament that day. for the matter, he is always that forgetful.

  2. What do you expect from that bloke! Its a disgrace to BN government having such a stupid minister.Pak Lah please do something to your Cabinet.Appoint some bright guys to be ministers.

  3. interesting ain’t it … a little small “island” so capable in outshining many big nations.

    pity the country with having such a person in government.

  4. I am really embarassed being a Malaysian. Every time our politicians open their mouths, Malaysia hits the headlines worldwide. It is like we are top of the pops (of the dubious kind) every two months. Scotland has 3 million people. Tell the Scots they are not a real country!

  5. a real country’s qualities:

    1) racism instituionalised
    2) threat to kill others of different race/colours
    3) majority race demands rights
    4) destruction of temples, churches, etc
    5) dumping $$$$$ to bail unprofitable companies
    6) leaking parliament
    7) sexist remarks against women
    8) highways and building with cracks
    9) allowing illegals to have legal status and papers
    10) race and religion as politics
    11) etc.etc.etc…

  6. If corruption is directly proportional to the land mass of the country, then big countries like the United States, Canada, China, Russia and Australia must be the most corrupt countries in the world.

    I like the way Saddam Hussein dealt with a corrupted civil engineer whom I believe was responsible for building a shoddy road, presumably because he siphoned off some of the funds.

    I’m told by my good Iraqi friend, that Saddam tied the engineer behind his car and dragged him four kilometres down the road.

    Pity the hanged Saddam, otherwise we could hire him to be prime minister of Malaysia and cleans corruption from this country.

    We’d probably have 75% of the civil service smeared across the country’s highways.

  7. It is the greatest joke of all time!

    Can’t an island be a sovereign state? Please, Nazri, shut your big mouth if you have nothing sensible to say – at least no one knows that you have no brain!

    Surprised that being a lawyer he could utter such rubbish – perhaps that’s the standard of BN MPs.

  8. It’s not a country but tiny island without natural resources even drinking water,but currency value at par with Brunei,oilrich-country.A lot S’porean investment poured into this “big Country”.Tell me what does that tell you?
    Facts are facts,bottom line is “brains are the human resource”.
    Say what you want,what you like……..we can’t even go near S’pore less comparing,don’t even mention.It’s embarrassing.

  9. Yh – I guess most BN MPs leave their brain once they to they go to Parliament.

    Intan – “Appoint some bright guys to be ministers” Actually there are plenty of brights guys already in the positions of ministers BUT they use the brain for things other than to serve the people.

    Numero – Ya, sometimes the BN MPs don’t see how the small “island” is far ahead of Malaysia

    Outsider – I am sure there is more to come

    Dino – Totally agree with you! Another quality: Taking the citizens who elected them for a ride

    Dorkable – Indeed it is

    Mr T – I wish it a grenade instead but a shit will do just fine – hahaha

    Charles – Ya, BN MP’s logic is really not logic. Rest in peace, Saddam.

    Frances – This will work too – no polticians = no corruption

    Sturgo – An interesting perpective and true

    Lah – I guess some lawyers don’t have ways with words (in the right sense I mean)

    Wongchoy – Agree – It is just an island but the BN wants the island’s money. Really not shameful?

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