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Half Yearly Review

(Still have not read the “precious one”…yet)

I am past due on this one… 

Beginning of this year, I talked about New Year Resolutions and unlike previous years, this time around I really tried to follow on the resolutions. Probably because I have blogged about it and I want to something to show for the next New Year Resolution post (it’s a good motivation, isn’t it?)

So seven months into the year and I think it is high time for a half yearly review of the progress and if there is any shortcoming (ok, who I am kidding here, of course there is plenty of shortcomings), at least I have the next 5 months to attempt a “marathon run”.

1. To Lose Weight

I wanted to keep my overall weight under 90 kg – the number “9” has some how been a big distraction to me. People around me talk about their weight in 60s, 70s or 80s but never in 90s. It’s like an 89.99 kg is “slimmer” than a 90 kg because it started with an “8” than a “9” (gosh, our mind can be so weird at times).

The good news was I lost 10 kg when I came back from Kabul (that was partially because I was sick in Kabul and could not take their local food). And before I went for “Malaysian food eating spree”, my weight was 85 kg. Can you believe that – 85! I met the target, it seems, right? As I said, that was before eating spree. Now it back to normal, hovering at 92 kg – reducing it to less than 90 kg was still achievable though.

2. Fully settle Credit Card dues

No comment on this at the moment – I paid a large sum before going to Kabul but the expenses still creeps in. One thing though, I have managed to reduce my daily expenses and is able to squeeze at least RM100 in savings. I am paying for most of the things in cash. It is not a small achievement though. Buying a laptop midway the year was certainly not a good way to reduce the expenses but some things are just worth spending, don’t you think?

3. To save up at least RM3,000

I think I am going to scrap this one off. Yes, there is some savings trickling in on monthly basis but whatever saving I get is now re-routed to either credit card payment or household expenses. I guess the year end bonus (if there any) might be the lifeline on this resolution.

4. To do up at least 140 post for the blog

This is something I could do “with my eyes closed” and it has to be. This is one those resolutions that I knew will be easy to achieve. All I need to do was to ensure I did at least 3 posts per week and I am home safe. Let’s see, until December 2006, I have done 345 posts and as at the last post, I have done 481 posts. That means as at to date I have done 136 posts for this year alone. One resolution been achieved.

5. Purchase of the household items

Ok, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I have bought a sofa and TV stand as I targeted to buy. I also have gotten extra things from overseas to be displayed in my showcase. The bad news is, as you guessed, I have not bought the 2 showcases. This has to be put on hold first – I need to shop around to get one that matches the color of my TV stand and my sofa.

6. Complete reading the unabridged LOTR

Since the start of the year, I have completed 2 sci-fi novels, 2 medical books, 1 book on Egyptology (don’t ask) and 2 classic novels but the LOTR is still an elusive book to grab. I don’t know why but probably I need to really sit down in one quiet corner of the house to understand and appreciate what Tolkien is saying. Need to motivate myself to pick up this classic.

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