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Old Photos – Part 2

Continuing where I left off yesterday…

There is this photo of my dad taken when he was in his 20s that always fascinated us. This is because he looked a lot more slimmer back then and without a thick moustache too (everything changed once he got married, of course). We always have seen my dad with a big tummy (which was great to be sleeping on) and a thick moustache. So, one fine day, we got hold of his old photo and it was a different man in the photo.

I can’t remember the year that he mentioned but definitely it was taken before 1972. He told me that after his pay day, he went out with his friends to KL. Whilst he was there, he decided to got for a studio photo shot and it cost him higher than his other usual expenses (he told me that he hide the photo to avoid his father knowing about it – that man was strict with expenses).

The style of old studio photo is certainly is unique. The subject will be standing on an angle, not facing the camera directly and seem to be seeing something far away. The usual background decoration will be either flowers or some metal cravings. True classic!

Part 3 to follow suit next week…

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