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Weekend Marathon


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It was a tiring Saturday…

Let me try to say this in one breath…I left the house at about 6.00 am, drive about 300 km in heavy mist (which was great) to Taiping, rested for 3 hours there with my son kept waking me up by jumping on my stomach, had “light” lunch with heavy dose of chicken and mutton, then droved another 300 km in heavy rain back to KL with my wife, son and in laws dozing off (whilst I was not), reached the house at about 5.00 pm, had a quick shower, had a quick nap without having my son jumping on my stomach and then went to a loud birthday party at about 8.00 pm, had couple of beers to relax, on the way back, stopped by the night market to buy some vegetables, reached home about 11.00 pm and finally slept just after 12.30 am

As I said, it was a very tiring Saturday….

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