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Wham Bam – what’s next?


(Photo source: The Malay Mail)

By now, you would have read about the driver of the fatal bus who have committed every traffic offence in the book and STILL got away with it (apparently he was not lucky the final time).

The question is what’s next?

Are you going to do the “Malaysia thing” by coming up with long list of recommendations and “for the time being” enforcement”? And before we say “what the f**k”, some squatters from the Government ministries and agencies already compiling the next list of recommendations. NST (as many of us) asked the pertinent question “Why have the earlier recommendations not been implemented?”

You know how the story goes…

Recommendations will compiled (basically recycle of the earlier recommendations), some “further” studies will be made (with public funds of course) and some attempts will be made (Ministers making announcements, only for the head of the enforcement agency to say that it is not possible to implement) and the whole damn thing will be forgotten (except in blogs of course).

Another 20 will die and the whole process starts again. The Minister and the head of the enforcement agency will continue to warm up the seat.

If those buggers are not too busy with going against bloggers, probably they will have time to work on these more critical things.

I say no more recommendations! Use the old ones back and start acting on it. We are not a fool to be taken for a ride all the time.

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2 thoughts on “Wham Bam – what’s next?”

  1. maybe instead of spending some money acquiring some historical car for our Merdeka celebrations, they could pour in some for the actual enforcement of rules…
    I am still waiting 4 the announcement that they will “form a committee” to “assess some bla bla bla”… Anyone with two bits of brain cells can do assessments… No action, talk only…..

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