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I always loved Kannadasan’s writings and lyrics since it make alot of sense, inspiring and definitely ahead of it’s time. Picking from an article from the net some time ago, this is how Kannadasan was inspired to write his life story in one of my favorite song:-

When director A. Bhimsing, Viswanathan (MSV), Ramamurthi and Kaviarasar sat to work on a song for the film ‘Paava Mannipu’ there was a telephone call for the latter.

He excused himself and answered the phone. MSV noticed that Kaviarasar’s face which had been hitherto full of life suddenly shifting gears to melancholy. After placing the receiver back on its handle Kaviarasar returned to the spot where all were gathered to compose the song for the situation. MSV did enquire from Kaviarasar whether he was alright to which the latter, with his usual smile, said yes. After listening to the situation of the story he immediately wrote the song and collected his dues and left in a hurry.

MSV was curious over the whole incident and decided to play detective. In the evening on the same day he dropped by Kaviarasar’s house and asked him the same question. This time Kaviarasar told him all. It seems that his creditors took judgement debt notice and were already in the house to seal the same. That was when he received the phone call from his household.

MSV was further shocked to understand that the song he had written earlier that day was for Kaviarasar himself. The song? “Silar Sirippaar Silar Azhuvaar” (Some will laugh, some will cry). Whats so great about it? The line “….kaalam oru naal maarum nam kavalaigal yaauvum theerum, vanthathai enni azhugindren varuvathai enni sirikkindren’ was a moral booster to himself. He was sad that such an embarassing situation took place (“vanthathai enni azhugindren” – I cry on what have come) but happy that he would resolve this matter after getting the cash for the song.

He paid this cash to the notice servers to postpone their action. The words “varuvathai enni sirikindren” (I laugh on what is coming) was a reference to the cash he is going to get after writing this song to help him out of this predicament!

The movie Paava Mannipu is one the evergreen movies starred by the late Shivaji Ganesan and had some of the best songs from MSV. A movie about a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim – all fused in a one interesting story.

We will always remember the great poet…

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  1. helo. read your entry on racism. it’s a moving story, thought i should comment on that. your entries sure have substance as well. keep it up. i just found another permanent link in my blog. =)

  2. Kavi Arasu Kannadasan
    Kannadasan was a great poet of Tamil language and chose to write lyrics for songs in Tamil films. He lived between 1927 and 1981, Initially he was a great Atheist and later he himself got changed to a great devotee of Krishna. All his song lyrics had a haunting effect on the listeners.Even when he was an atheist his songs were thoughtful and vaguely philosophical . Later when he became a great devotee of God , his poems …
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