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Tamil Movie Review: Vikram 2022 – Rolex’s Powerful Entry Scene Analysed

Vikram Surya Tamil Movie Rolex

I did a review of the 2022 Vikram Tamil movie back in June 2022 but somehow I feel the final scene when the feared drug lord Rolex comes to meet the gang needs further analysis as there are so many things happening in the background. Mind you that Sandhanam played by the brilliant Vijay Sethupathi was so afraid of Rolex that he even killed others without any hesitation. Image source: Times of India.

The Rolex Scene

First, let’s watch this scene in its entirety before we break down the scene into smaller details. Keep close attention to the background music which is excellently done by Anirudh and the camera shots – both the close & long shots for this particular scene.

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This scene takes place about a week at Sasson Docks, Mumbai after Sandhanam had died from the bomb blast that also destroyed the whole pile of drugs that has been captured by the police.

Whilst it is not sure if the drug that was destroyed is the same as the one that was captured by Inspector Bejoy and his team in the movie Kaithi but it is mentioned that it is more than enough for Sandhanam to form his own government.

We see Anbu and Adaikalam from Kaithi on a tug boat on their way to the meeting and apparently, Anbu survived the whack of the fire extinguisher by Constable Napolean and Adaikalam is out from the lockup.

Vikram Rolex Youtube Tamil Movie

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

The Grand Entrance

All of the Rolex’s gang members wait out in a large warehouse and we see a Volvo SUV, a Range Rover and a BMW 5-series entering the warehouse, escorted by heavily armed bodyguards, mostly with automatic rifles.

There are already several cars parked in the warehouse possibly belonging to Rolex’s bodyguards and his close associates. All the vehicles in the warehouse are black and facing them are about 200-300 gang members including Anbu and Adaikalam.

Rolex then is shown coming out from one of the vehicles wearing a contrasting white shirt with a music player on his shoulder. The image is blurred except for the close-up shots of the vehicles keeping the identity of Rolex a mystery. Rolex then turns and pulls out a chopper which has a special leather cover which implies that he often uses the chopper.

Rolex Vikram Surya Tamil Movie Scorpion

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

Rolex’s Image Clues

Rolex puts the music player on the table – the brand is shown as Marshall which is an expensive Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker. He then places his round framed spectacles and is shown sitting on a large comfortable sofa. The background music is shown as coming from the speaker. The scorpion tattoo on his neck is partially shown with a corresponding scorpion earring. He is tapping and moving his toes in response to the background music.

Rolex Vikram Surya Tamil Movie Amar

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

Update on Amar

One of the gang members informs Rolex that the person who caused the disappearance of the drugs is Amar who is a black squad team leader who now has gone rogue. Amar then is shown sitting on his late wife’s grave with rather an empty expression & menacing eyes looking out for more revenge.

He then paints his face and wears the full mask. He is then shown walking toward a group of men, without any indication of what will happen next. Are the men shown standing together part of his black ops team or part of Rolex’s men who are going to be slaughtered next?

I hope that Amar’s adventures will be told in a separate movie but within Lokesh’s cinematic universe on its own focusing on Amar and his black squad team members who obvious have special skills and are able to do things outside the constraints of rules and laws.

Rolex Vikram Surya Tamil Movie Dilli Kaithi Hut

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

Update on Dilli

Adaikalam then interject and say that the missing drugs are not due to the military or the police but rather attributed to an ex-convict named Dilli (from the Kaithi storyline) and before he can continue, Rolex ups the volume of the speaker indicating that he is not really interested to hear further. Adaikalam then looks at Anbu and Anbu with his louder voice then continues to inform Rolex of Dilli.

Then we then see the scene where we see Dilli’s daughter with his friend from the catering company somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. A group of people seems to dig a hole in the ground probably for water but they have run into some technical problem and need Dilli to assist them. We don’t see Dilli but we hear his voice from the inside of a hut citing the prayers that he did back in the Kaithi movie.

Will Anbu and Adaikalam go after Dilli now that they know where he is and have informed Rolex who wants his head on a silver plate? Can Dilli deal with Rolex’s gang without endangering his daughter and will Inspector Bejoy make a comeback in Dilli’s life? We probably this in Kaithi 3 or maybe Vikram 2 as it is widely known that Kaithi 2 will focus more on Dilli’s life before he became an ex-convict in Kaithi.

Vikram Dark Knight Rises Nolan Michael Caine

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

Update on Vikram

We then have Sandhanam’s gang member, Nandu telling Rolex that the actual culprit is Vikram who has faked his death several times and is believed to be in the US, keeping an eye on his grandson.

Rolex is shown to be pounding some pills into powder and mixing them in a glass of water. Then we have Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight scene where Vikram and his grandson see eye to eye for a moment but when his daughter-in-law turns, he is not there which indicates that he will remain a ghost for the rest of their life.

Rolex Vikram Surya Tamil Movie

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

Rolex Chopping Head

It is obvious that everyone in the warehouse is scared of Rolex as how Sandhanam was and this is shown immediately why that mention of Rolex alone sends fear to the rest, When a gang member approaches him, Rolex chops off the gang member’s head with one blow and then starts laughing like a madman as if it was a joke. We are also shown the chopped head and the blood all over Rolex’s face and his white shirt.

He even wipes the blood in his mouth and spits them out and then makes his way toward Anbu asking what he called him before. Rolex was no longer laughing. Rolex whips the bloody chopper off Anbu’s shirt and then tells off everyone that he is to be addressed as Sir. He then tells them that it has taken him 27 years to be in his current position.

Rolex then throws an open challenge to all of the gang members, saying that whoever brings the head of those responsible will be paid enough to last their lifetime. He then looks at them, staring them in their eyes indicating that there will not be any room for failure.

Rolex Vikram Surya Tamil Movie

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video

The Twist in the End

Challenge thrown together with an implied warning of failure means the gang members will lose their heads, Rolex then turns back to his car but then something tells him that he has missed something and turns around again to see the gang members who now also started to leave the warehouse.

He then turns back and we see one of the gang members dared to turn around to see Rolex and it is Vikram. He has been standing all along in the crowd behind Anbu and Adaikalam who would not have recognised him. Vikram now knows who is Rolex and what is his plans.

Will the Vikram vs Rolex showdown be the crux of the story in Vikram 2 or in any of the other future Lokesh Kanagaraj’s cinematic universe? It is unfortunate that there is no link between Vikram & Kaithi with Lokesh’s earlier blockbuster, Master starring Vijay but it may be with the next movie that Lokesh is directing with Vijay.

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