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The Keris Act

(This picture I guess will be a widely used picture in this blog for obvious reason) 

It looks the circus is in town and soon the nation will be presented with another “Keris Act” from the UMNO Youth. This is what is going through my mind when I saw this in the Star:-

Umno Youth will continue to use the keris as its symbol at the coming party general assembly and believes that with time the non-Malays will become de-sensitised to it. Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said there was no need for the movement to be apologetic or defensive about it.

Hey, you want to use the keris in whatever way, by all means go ahead but reading further, this is the statement that made me re-think of their “holy” motive of using the keris…

“We will explain our position without any fear and with time, God willing, people will understand that there is no personal, sensitive and ulterior motive for doing it,” he told reporters yesterday after chairing the Umno Youth executive council meeting.

No personal, sensitive and ulterior motive?

Oh come on, Kerismuddin Hishammuddin, you know how things go right? You show the keris and some bastards make some racist & sensitive statement and in end what you get? The keris gets a bad name and the bastards who made the unwanted statements get off scot-free (of course, there is this story of them facing the disciplinary board but how serious that was, I won’t know).

If you really want to have the keris in the assembly, why don’t use it to:-

Fight for destruction of corruption

Fight for a united Malaysia

Fight for unwanted wastage

Fight for equal rights (for all Malaysian that is)

Fight for harmony

Fight for anything that is virtue and good

And swear by the very keris that you hold up that if you fail to fight, the curse of the keris will be on you until you make amend. Do that and I will say kissing or waving the keris is very relevant in the assembly. Don’t let the keris end up as the “bad guy” for it represents more than a mere ornament for cheap PR work in some public assemblies.

Then again, I might be kidding myself here…just have wait and to see what the circus brings to the town.

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3 thoughts on “The Keris Act”

  1. come on bro, when the ringmaster sleeps in his trailer, how can we expect the clowns to behave?

    and come to think of it, this dude with the keris DOES have similarities with The Joker from the Batman comics…..

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