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Go fly kite

(Picture from Police Watch Malaysia)

Well, that is what MIC seems to be telling its community and the Government seems to be telling the minority in the country.

Yup, the “fair for all” state government torn down another Hindu temple in the “developed” state of Selangor and if that is not hard enough, the police arrested the 4 Indian lawyers who went to make a police report about the temple destruction. Read further at Tony Pua for details. Will the lawyers be silenced over this unfair treatment to the minority? Will this be the end of things for the Hindus?

It seems like only in Selangor you get these unfairness cropping up and the buggers in the state government has the cheek to call the state as a developed state.


(MIC hardcores – hard at work in the last by-election, probably not realizing what the UMNO led Government has in store for the community. Picture source: Malaysia Today)

And if you think the MIC head honcho could have done something about it, guess what – he was asked to go and fly kite by the Selangor MB (from the press release by MHS):-

The temple informed the Malaysia Hindu Sangam this morning just before 10.00 AM about the order to demolish the temple immediately.

The President of the Sangam, Datuk A.Vaithilingam made immediate approach to YB Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu, President MIC who’s attempt to halt the demolition for at least 2 days giving the temple ample time to remove the deities to the new site with a religious ceremony was turndown by the Menteri Besar YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Khir Mohamad Bin Toyo stating that he had received a Court Order this morning saying that the land has to be cleared immediately today and there was nothing he could do to stop the demolition.

Another appeal was made through YB Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu to the Menteri Besar who insisted that he had no other choice but to follow the Court Order. Several appeals by all concerned have gone into deaf ears.

(Picture from Police Watch Malaysia)

Court order is one thing, Toyo but why the sudden extreme man-handling? Which crony linked entity is taking up the land? Why temples that been standing for 100 years suddenly being deemed as on squatter land and why the rush to destroy them? Why the police acting as such when the matter is protested? What is their interest on this? If things are done legally, why the illegal act by the state and the police? Can we get an answer on this from the MB?

I guess it would not been the same response by the MB if it has been election season, he probably would have officiated another new wing for temple and said that the government is all out for the welfare of the Indians in the State.

Kavilan said in his blog:-

Perhaps, the only solution to this matter is revolution. An intellectual revolution. Stop voting uneducated bastards and racially discriminate assholes into office. Politics is no playing matter. How I wish that we Malaysians can start to understand our fucked up policies. Words cannot describe my anger and hatred towards the persons responsible. All I can do is vote. Vote no for Barisan Nasional!!!!

That’s right – just like the buggers in the government is so keen on “Zero Oppositions” in country, we should also start the “Zero Barisan Nasional” campaign. Let MIC loose their community’s votes – it is not like they are of much help to community anyway. The employment and crime rate in the community is at a sorry state and yet the party seems to be floating on air. Add that to the fanatics who are on temple destruction spree and you end up with a community who being wacked left right center.

Start an intellectual revolution and stay up above the water of unfairness. More importantly, register yourself as voters and start exercising your voting powers at the ballot box. Malaysians (irrespective of background, culture and origins) – wake up or be prepared to go fly kite on many more things. Things may just start with the Indians in this country but it may not stop there.

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  1. Not only a temple, the surau and all of the houses of kg.rimba jaya was demolished. My mother is a teacher nearbt that kampung and she said her pupils had to sleep in their parents van and cars. They had to take their exams and all. Can you imagine that the this government allows this to happen?

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