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Wasteful Nation

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The question is not ‘are we one” but rather how soon we realize that we are one.

I been reading about the story on the 2 cops who died in the line of the duty at Rocky’s Bru and I must say some things came too late such as bullet vests and proper “ambush” procedure.

Let’s forget whether things were done right or not. But the question is if we can waste millions on sending a space tourist up space, we are indeed being stingy on other critical things. Only now the IGP is saying that there are not enough bullet vests to go around. Another story talked about on how the scanning machine at the border had broken down and it has not been repaired.

I really wonder what have seeped through the borders.

We have been a very wasteful nation alright but it will be stupid of us to continue to let the wastage to go on. Not at this time, not at this juncture.

Read more on recent money wasting incidents here and here.

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7 thoughts on “Wasteful Nation”

  1. so far, i’m just blogging on my dissatisfaction. there’s nothing much a small dot in damansara can do in Malaysia. sigh. wait until i become a politician. hopefully, i wont get sucked into corruption like others do. macam mampu je.. haha

  2. Linie – you can start by ensuring yourself registered as a voter and urging your friends and family members to do the same. It may be just one small dot now but many dots can make a big difference.

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