Malaysia 101: Bold Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz Shoots Down National Recovery Plan

National Recovery Plan Rafidah Aziz COVID19

A couple of weeks ago, the Government announced a 4 phased recovery plan which immediately was heavily criticised by many sectors of the public, businesses and ex-Ministers like Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz as inadequate and lacking a proper strategy in other areas of the economy and national development. Infographic source: Malay Mail

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Elections 101: Sorry Excuse of Lack of Maturity on UNDI18

UNDI18 Election Malaysia Youth

UNDI18 is presently being raised as a critical issue in the country and rightfully too. After all, one can say that age is just a number and does not necessarily reflect the level of wisdom and maturity. Image source: Pinterest

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Budget 2020: A Quick Look & Challenges Ahead

budget 2020

The PH Government have just announced the budget for next year – budget 2020 is a smaller budget compared to last year and seems to be in a better managed compared to a rushed one last year (when the PH Ministers were still struggling with their portfolios). Infographic source: The Star

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Being a Mean, Angry Hulk in 2016!


(One of the best scene from the Avengers – Hulk vs a God and guess who won. I watched this scene probably hundred times and I never got bored with it. Image source:

It was “bang” leaving 2015 – we all watched the new Star Wars movie and we all loved it from the start to the end.

But ever since the start of a “new” year, hardly been a time when I was not in an “angry” mode. Don’t get me wrong – I am not angry with anyone in particular but now schools have started and parents rushing to send their kids to school and then rush to work, way too many idiots have sprout out and had made things worse.

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Religion 101: Hudud – 1 Country, 2 Sets of Laws


(Hudud – should Islamic law take over precedent over conventional law if the conventional already exist and been applied by the courts of the country? Why not improve on the existing laws and enforce it instead of bringing in another set of law that does not apply to all? Why reinvent the wheel? Cartoon source: The Net)

The issue of hudud have been in the news lately and there have been plenty of statements made in public and by various parties including politicians from both side of the fence, supporting for or opposing the implementation of hudud.

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Economy 101: What Is Interesting In 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP)?

10MP Bloomberg Malaysia Plan Economy Malaysia

(The problem with Najib is not his ideas in his 10MP but his willpower and having the right character to make the actual change. After the stunt, he pulled off in Perak, who is going to believe what he says? Image source: Bloomberg)

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Enforcement 101: What, RM1,000 fine cancelled?

enforcement fine traffic law police summon

(A simple question – if there are 2 situations where the fine amount is different – one is RM300 and another RM1,000, in which situation you think will make this offender who is using the emergency lane to cut queue to think twice? Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels)

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Hindraf Rally 2007: Realistic Way Out?

Hindraf Indian

Hindraf, an Indian NGO is proposing to do a protest rally to hand over a petition to the British High Commission end of this week. You would have also heard (likely in disbelief) of the legal suit against the British Government for a cool USD4 trillion – that would have made all Indians in Malaysia millionaires. Image source: Malaysiakini

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Parliament 101: No Laughing Matter: Seeing Clowns in Parliament!


Before we start, this post does not in any way intended to insult professional clowns or Member of Parliaments who don’t clown around on serious business in Parliament.

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