Tech News 101: My Latest Improved Desktop Themes

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Did I mention that I got a new laptop when I came back from Kabul? I think I did, haha. Anyway, with plenty of “RAM” to spare, my fingers have been itching for a complete makeover of the desktop.

I have done it before – here and here but as usual, when the theme goes up, the performance goes down. So, after a couple of days feeling happy with the “look”, I often disable the theme and go back to the boring looking screen.

Now with the extra RAM, I added Object Dock and checked on the performance and it looked good.

I thought of “apple-ising” the theme, so I used Window Blinds and downloaded a cool looking wallpaper, more tweaks and presto, I got this:-

Performance has been holding up with an average 20% – 25% usage of the RAM which is quite good. The startup has been fast and I even tried running a media player whilst running a few application, the additional RAM did not fail me.

With a Safari Beta for Windows browser (this browser has a lot to pick up though), make overlooks almost complete.

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3 thoughts on “Tech News 101: My Latest Improved Desktop Themes

  1. stardock stuffs are really cool… at 1st i was so gila-gila wit all the applications, especially wit Object Desktop, Window Blinds, Logon Studio and Boot Skin… but i decided to uninstall evrythg after a month when i got me some high end games to play… i guess i just love squeezing evry bit of performance power for games, and not for aesthetics…

    smtng off topic here: im quite adept at WAMP, yet i wanna take up LAMP… i just dunno anythg about Linux.. can u direct me to any sites that might help me from the bottom up?

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