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Revoke Citizenship?

A quick question:-

If you are born in Malaysia to parents who themselves were born in Malaysia, can anyone revoke your “citizenship”? What is your “native” country then?

The bugger from UMNO seems to say so:-

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam has rebuked Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders for their “outrageous actions” and urged the Government to revoke their citizenship. He said Hindraf’s claim that the country was involved in ethnic cleansing was slanderous and very serious.

“They are going to send their memorandum to India, Britain and even the United Nations. These people are betraying their own country,” he added.

Well, you can prosecute the wrong-doers or throw them in jail without trial or even charge them with treason but can you “revoke” their citizenship especially if the person was not from another country. But if the bugger from UMNO seems to think so, shouldn’t he start with some in his own party? Or is this another case of the double standard culture in practice?

And isn’t this thing looks illogical?

Everyone is talking about taking action against the Hindraf leaders including the stupid notion of “citizenship revocation” but no body have said “Let’s see into Hindraf’s claims and investigate. We will prove them wrong”.

No one and those who mentioned about it is being whacked as going against the party’s wishes (of course, they were fast to say they “regret” questioning – their political seat seems to be more important than concerns of the people).

Hindraf leaders could have done things much better and less opened to shortcomings but their shortcomings does not however qualifies anyone to disregard the fact that there is un-equality among Malaysians and the more this is prolonged, the more dissatisfaction is brewing.

The issue cannot be swept under the carpet with threats of prosecution and citizenship revocation. For those in power, why don’t you start by countering the Hindraf’s claims with hard cold facts, otherwise start acting like you have balls and face reality.

The sooner we get to the real issue, the better for us as a nation.

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34 thoughts on “Revoke Citizenship?”

  1. This indeed the question I asked do you revoke their citizenship/They are malaysians and born in this country.How dare these RACIST from malacca threaten malaysian citizens born and bred in this country.It shows just how low they are preparded to go to intimidate people from questioning the RACIST actions for the last fity years on this BN fools.

    By asking for their citizenships to be removed , the BN has only confirmed their own racist actions and views.

    Did the BN ask for the citizenship of the jemaiah islam Militant malaysia ( something to that effect) to be removed after his TERRORIST activiies, seen by the world.

    Did theya sk khairy and nazri’s citizenship be removed. after dosplaying racist behavior on UMNO stages.

    This nonsesnical ketuanan of any one race has to go.The wolrd has changed and if malaysia does not chagne with that, then it must be exposed to the International Community- to what a nd how racist the BN government is.

    Of course there is no cleansing of any ethnic groups, but what the government is doing is passive cleansing of the rights of non malays.

    I and I am sure the majority of the malaysians do not begrudge the malays for their rights in the last fifty years, but this has to stop, as it has marginalised and ignored the others.

    Instead of understanding and compassion, the BN has treaded the path of intimidation- it can be seen they have lost the game.

    UP for a NEW malaysia and a new malaysian mentality for all malaysians

  2. first revoke the citizenship of all the Malay women who have been caught for drug traficing recently.

    Government very proud of them is it. Ali Rustam are you proud of them?

  3. the only person left in UMNO who is fit to lead is Zaid Ibrahim , MP for Kota Baru. Others are all mongrels who have to be caught by the SPCA and spayed.

    talking abt mongrels, remember how they were attacking dogs some time back just bcos they are not allowed to rear them. Now they after Pigs…… My God ! How childish ! Even PAS doesnt practice cheap politics like this.

    Whats wrong with this people man, they werent so bad abt 20 yrs ago.

  4. where did kacukan bastards came from, actually the real son of soil is the JAKUNS and this bloodsuckers were granted power by the british bcos they nvr believed in the cinas and insdias……..

  5. Fisrt of all I think this BN goverment have low mentality Minister, Look at people like Nazri (the nazi) Zam (apple polisher) and now you get this idiot (peon) Ali Rustam talking rubbish. Oh God no wonder instead of moving forward this country is moving backward. And now ( I don’tknow ) PM claim that Hindraf politicise the whole situation by reportin this matter to the Queen ,UN. I am wondering who actually politicise this situation. All the Goverment media purely tell lies about the whole situation. And now this idoit (apple polisher) claim some Malaysian student studying abroad were angry about the Hindraf demostration. ( Hai orang Islam tolong lah berhenti dari membohong jangan merosakan nama baik Islam awak telah
    mendusta kepada Tuhan Kamu dan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w (Quote) The prophet s.a.w say do not hurt the non muslim and if you do, then you hurt me.

  6. when melayu became malay?
    when malaya became tanah melayu?

    The word “Malay” refer to mountain. Those day, indian trader name this country as ” Malay OOR ” mountain land refer to Jerai Mountain in Kedah. But this is no more in our history book. If i do direct translation it should be Tanah Malay not Tanah Melayu.

    Then later, British name this coutry as MALAYA. British never used the word Tanah Melayu not even Dato ONN during his dissatisfaction against Malayan Union.

    So who and when they used word Tanah Melayu.

    Indian should be proud naming this country.

  7. Dear all tht comments send, yes how indeed is so true that,, time after time the comments and remarks the Ministers and other so call leaders are like digging their ownn grave,, or what ever,,
    My point is their hiden weakness and immaturing, lack of Merely logic and understanding and incapable of being a 21st century leader are surfacing. Simply ,, they are here to do a simple job , just like any one Tom, dick and harry. Such third class mentally is reviled in every occasion. Emotions are taking over. Why ,, why emotions.’ Revoke citizenship. Dont test the govt ‘s patience ‘. I can make any sense out of it.,,

  8. A BIG JOKE – revoking of citizenship. Leaders should stop the threatening and see how to amicably resolve HINDRAF’s claims.

    Ali Rustam – stop this foolish act and don’t think the bumiputra group will support you totally. Malaysia is a nation for Malaysians of diverse race, culture and religion. We will STAND UNITED and progress if only the rakyats’ grouses are settle amicably.

    Don’t use cheap stuns to gain popularity, Ali Rustam. IT WILL NOT WORK THIS TIME.

  9. I agree to the above comments. What had happened on last Sunday? This is suppose to be a peaceful marching but ended up with violence. First of all the violence was started by the police and authority personals. This is absolutely all something of their tactics to disperse the group. First of all the HINDRAF leaders have gone with correct procedure and bound to Malaysians rules by applying the permits, but we would like to know what could be the reason the permits was rejected by the police and the high court has released an order to not assemble. Again an appeal was made with proper procedure, yet it was not approved. WHY? So what are the rights to say this is an illegal gathering?
    When Malay Muslims which better to be known as “BUMIPUTRA” had such gathering, an example during the IRAQ” invasion led by US force, Malaysia Muslim were gathered US high commission in Malaysia to protest and sent over their memorandum. What is this is a legal one? If this has been considered as legal protest against IRAQ I believe the similar peaceful act by HIDRAF is also to be a legal one either.
    What the hack that government is using their force to discrima the minority. Why such not did to their own race when they had assemble in front of US embassy. In Malaysia we Indians have been fed-up with the entire ruling and the way how Malays conquer the whole government and non-governmental sectors. Who de hell is they? They are telling us that we are from India. Yes of course we are form India but this is our ancestors and not we. We are born in this country and having a right of citizenship. In fact who does say that the Malays are forming this country? When referred to the history they were from Hainan, one of the provinces from China. So who are they? They too a 3rd class to this country but taking the ownership the entire country and accusing others that they were immigrants. So what makes the government to be bios to one ethnic within their citizenship? Is this something so called discrimination or else what is the better word of English to be known as? When Malay Bumiputra intend to buy a house a 7-10% of discounts to be given and this is a mandatory privileges should has to be given by the developer and forced by the government. If the developer won’t give this privilege, their construction company will be closed down? So the question is why such privileges are only for Malay bumiputras. Don’t the government has seen other races also suffer with poverty. So why such privileges has not given to other races or ethnics whom has the same right and citizenship?
    Those days I still could remember that, hardly can seen a CAR owned by Malays and no cars driven by Malays on the road. However today, out of 10 cars, 8 to be owned by Malays and out 8, 5 to be an imported luxury cars. So where de money comes from? I believe this is the time Malaysian has to reshuffle their whole administration and ruling systems. Otherwise I am having doubt that Malaysia will be leaving in peaceful and who knows that one day a similar racial riots (13 May 1969) may invoked again in Malaysians history and many innocent will surely die due to the increase in racial bios and discrimination.

  10. The problem with Malaysian ministers is that, they never keep themselfs update on what is happening around the world, because their are busy politicking. They want to survive and they are not bothered of the poor people around them. This is because we are stupid to elect them.
    The time has now come for us to throw away these kind of people. If we are going to make the same mistake again, even the god cannot help us.
    So help us throw these arrogant UMNO ministers.

  11. Let’s suppose they do it. Then what becomes of the revokee? They would become a stateless person, and therefore a ward of the United Nations. This would raise the profile of the issue considerably since the UN would then delve into the reason the revokee became stateless. Malaysia might then be called on by various foreign newsmedia to explain what happened. Bright international lights would then shine on the politician who shot himself in the foot. ((Or am I missing something here? Does Malaysia actually have niches for stateless persons?))

  12. hold, hold all you guys,,revoke citizenship. Since malaysian Tourist has visited space cost 100 mil. I think they shd have waited for the Virgin space travel in US. Cost only 100 K. to visit space. I would think, by revoking the citizenship ,, they might send them to moon or saturn?.. probably in 300 years. Food for though,,,

  13. All, i’m deeply impressed with the thoughts and words of all Malaysians in this Forum – it clearly shows that all our brothers and sisters (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Christians, Punjabi..etc) are all UNITED and NOT taken aback by all these goverment accusation on Indians….BRAVO.

  14. Dear Bloggers

    Ali Rustam would have been better of to keep his mouth shut as now the level of his intelligence and his superficial understanding of how the law works have been revealed to the Malaysia public. No one has the right under Malaysian Constitution to revoke the citizenship of a person who criticises the govt or its policies. But in true Malaysia Boleh spirit this may be possible if the Judiciary is swayed by political pressure. If we abide by Ali’s call then most Malaysians would be stateless and Malaysia will be deserted as everyone criticizes the govt at some point. The people who are in cabinet such as Nazri, Hisamudin & Co should visit countries like Australia and New Zealand to see how democracy functions. Most of the nuts who are running the country do not come across as intellectuals but dumb wits who I think have not read anything else but NST and Utusan. You may want to contact Anwar I think he reads alot. Malaysia is going through a period of change. Change is good for the country. I think the days of UMNO, MCA and MIC are slowly coming to an end and a new dawn of freedom and accountablity is approaching. Those who fear change are obviously fearful of the skeletons of the last 50 years that may be exposed. The internet has exposed BN’s weaknesses and if they fail to embrace and encourage change then the current protest season will continue through the bloggs and streets witnessed by global audience. Lets not embarass ourselves globally by discouraging dissent but encourage truth and open our minds to the problems facing the nation so we can be proud of the positive steps we take today. Street protest is not a news worthy item in other democracies sadly it is in Malaysia and it should not be!

  15. Actually the Malays on the street are very nice people. But this racist UMNO leaders and their supports are the ones holding their race at ransom.

    Malaysia is truly Asia. It’s a country of diverse people and cultures. If UMNO wants to play Taliban ” you boleh keluar dari Malaysia”. You guys can go to Afganistan or Pakistan, and become terrorists with Osama.

    the People will crush Barisan nasional this time. Dont be arrogant UMNO

  16. BN is a of bunch of fools, dumbheads…actually the malaysians malay,chinese and indian are living in peace na harmony ..there is no racist between the majot races its the fools(BN & UMMO) ‘feeding’ the racist sentimental to the citizens to revoke among them. Dear fellows lets be wise ..on coming election dnt let the idiots n racist government destroy our future ..I definitely belive my fellows malay and chinese brother truly agree with me.., its our power to decide the destiny of our country not the idiots leader(BN)..its enuff for them past 50yrs we been living with ****heads. They been very unfair in election and play ‘dirty’ ..lets be together and we bring them down..!

  17. I agree with Mr. Amir Izwan. The malays are good people. I meant real Malays. I have many malay friends who are very nice, hardworking, honest, friendly and helpful. It’s the bunch of UMNO buggers are the main culprits. Recently i don’t see any difference between PAS members & UMNO members. But undeniablly PAS members seems to be better than UMNO guys. They are very sensitive and cautious when comes to religion related issues. Their respect towards other religions are much better than UMNO. I am very proud to have nice malay friends.

  18. i dont understand.

    when in Denmark they drew pictures of the Prophet pbuh, they said ” menghina agama Islam ”

    when they do things like taking M Moorthy’s body away, breaking temples, corruption, rape , flout the Law, cheat in elections, use ISA etc…. thats not ” menghina agama Islam ke? “

  19. Ban the sari next and all indian movies so the holy ones can sleep:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia’s Muslim men are suffering sleepless nights and cannot pray properly because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public, a prominent cleric said.

    Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, said he wanted to speak about the “emotional abuse” that men face because it is seldom discussed, the party reported on its Web site Wednesday.,2933,306658,00.html

  20. Nik Aziz a dirty old man. At this age he still having slepless nights thinking of sexy women. My God whats this country cmin to.

    He should have sleepless night thinking if PAS can still lead Kelantan after the next GE.

    Anwar where ru? Save this country

  21. The use of the term “ethnic cleansing” is most suitable in the Malaysia context.
    Basically ethnic cleansing refers to groups or individuals being marginalized and killed based on skin colour, race and religion. In Malaysia ethnic cleansing appears in a less violent form, albeit just as insidious. The non Malays (including some communities of the bumiputera populace)

    have been marginalized systematically for over 50 years based on their race and religion at the expense of majority Malay. They have been blocked from getting jobs, contracts, and educational opportunities due to the NEP like policies.

    Positive changes can only take place when the majority take into account of the poor and the marginalized, regardless of race or religion. Till then communical politics will prevail. We have no one else to blame but ourselves!!!

  22. I think the politician has just made a very insensitive remark. Revoking their citizenship would worsen the situation and make the Indians feel that the UMNO is indeed targeting at them.

  23. Malaysian politicians have long been known to be insensitive. Look at Khairy and Nazri’s remarks lately……one wonders whether they even understand what it is to live in a multiracial country…..khairy’s oxford based education seems to be so wasted, don’t you think?

  24. What are our politicians doing? Revoke citizenship? In Pengajian Am we learn that those who citizenship’s that are by ‘Kuatkuasa Undang-undang’ (eg. parents M’sian and you’re born here) cannot be ‘dilucutkan’.. its in our Perlembagaan right?

    Or did my teachers miss out something? A hidden clause in the Perlembagaan?

  25. Indians and rational Malaysians irrespective of race please consider voting out Samy Vellu. He is an outdated traitor. Lets give Sungei Siput seat to a Hindraf leader.

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