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Studying Hard

(Another inspiring story in the Malay Mail today – Photo source: Malay Mail)

This morning, I was in tears….

I was listening to THR Raaga morning show and over the news, there was a mention of student from Tamil school who scored 7As on his UPSR examination (I could not get his name). There was an interview with him and he said that he studied hard and was determined to do the best in respect of his dad who had passed away this year and his mother who is working hard to support the family alone.

I was happy and felt extremely proud of the student. Then the mother was also interviewed and she said she was very proud of her son and that his father had just passed away couple of months. She was also grateful to the school that paid for her son’s tuition classes. Then her voice choked with sadness – his father is not around to share his achievement.

Without me realizing it, I was in tears…as a father myself, I was so proud. I am sure his father is proud of him as well. Well done!

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