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What’s in a number?

(See, see, see…don’t I look stupid and corrupt as well, at the highest level – level 9. Poster source: Mob’s Crib)

Plenty of bullshit that is…

The bugger paid used RM48,000 from public’s fund for a car registration “CCC9” and says that there is nothing wrong with it. There is no waste as it goes from the “government” to “government”. And it is “ok” since he is not using the car with the number.

If the sun was green and the sky was purple, that statement would have made alot of sense but you know better than this bugger – it was not the government’s money to start with. Even it is, isn’t it looks downright stupid to spend so much money for a plate number when that money could have used for more benefiting activities? For the thieves at the Government level, such money may be peanuts but for the hard working people, RM48,000 could go a long way to ease their daily expenses.

And the bugger don’t even have to do something exotic – just spend RM48,000 to buy meals or clothes or books for poor schoolchildren in the State. Invest on the real deal than just some numbers. Contrast this with this and you end up with a Chief Minister who looks more corrupt than ever and a continuation of the “usual” double standard culture by the corrupted officials.

2 words to summarise the bugger’s act – stupid and corrupt

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